Who's Your Most Important Customer or Client?

Question: Who is YOUR most important customer or client? Who immediately comes to mind?

Your number one client or customer is YOUR BOSS or manager (unless of course you ARE the boss, running your own company).

Your boss or manager IS a customer -- your number one customer -- the one who is responsible for your performance reviews, your compensation increases, your assignments. Your boss BUYS your time and pays you a salary for that time, expecting exceptional, on-time service, and solutions to problems and challenges.

Your boss can be your biggest fan, your staunchest supporter and your number one advocate -- allowing you to achieve great things -- but only if you TREAT THEM as your number one client. Mistreat them, disrespect them or ignore them, and your boss can be the one who blocks your success, withholds important information and makes it tough for you to achieve optimum performance.

How would you self-assess the quality of your relationship with your boss or manager?

What are THREE THINGS you can do in the next 30 days to improve that relationship?

What is ONE THING you can do this week?

What action can you take TODAY to improve that relationship?

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