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While I don’t have a scientific study to cite, I can say that, in my last 10+ years as a career coach, I’ve worked with a lot of people who’ve labeled themselves as “introverts” on-the-job. Their stories helped me to identify some common examples that indicate a person is being perceived as an introvert at work.

Signs You're Viewed As An Introvert At Work

Here are seven signs you might be viewed as an introvert at work:

1.) You don’t have many colleagues you could call “work friends” at the office.

2.) Your manager and colleagues regularly forget to respond to your emails.

3.) You are left out of meetings.

4.) You’ve been passed over for promotion.

5.) People avoid eye contact with you.

6.) People choose to email you their requests as opposed to ask for them in-person.

And most importantly,

7.) You feel helpless to change your status at work, and therefore, try to fly “under the radar” so you don’t have to interact with others.

How Does Being “Introverted” Affect Your Job Search?

If being labeled and introvert on-the-job has given you trouble, then we can only imagine how it has impacted your job search. We are looking for stories and examples from our readers on how being an introvert has challenged you professionally. Specifically, tell us about how it has impacted your: Personal Brand - How you present yourself to the professional world. Networking - How you interact with peers in your industry. Interviewing - How you connect with hiring managers in an interview. Please share your stories in the comments below. Our goal is to use your examples as part of an upcoming webinar series designed to help introverts in job search. We’ll be providing information and resources to help introverts find the career satisfaction they want and deserve. BUT, we need your stories so we can ensure we create the best tutorial - so please help us by sharing below!  

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