Job Board Detox Tip #8: Create Value Statements
Today’s job board detox tip: Create and practice your value statements for networking and meetings. Many of you may have heard variations on this. Some are called elevator pitches, introductions, brand statements, and so on. I am calling what I want you to learn to say in nine seconds a "value statement." You are stating very clearly, concisely, and emotionally a "teaser" of your value. Here is what a value statement consists of. Although the elements in the list will seem huge, each one is really quite brief.
  • Name
  • Position / Career / Title (do not say “I used to...”)
  • Transitional phrase
  • What do you do (one verb)
  • Target group that is impacted by the verb
  • The goal you help them to accomplish
  • Share genuine emotion about what you do
Here is an example: “Hi my name is Lisa Adams. I am a Career Expert. What I really do is help professionals clarify their career target. I absolutely love what I do.” I know you are saying, "Really Lisa? Seems lame." It may, but it's meant to be a nine-second teaser that gets the person I am speaking with to ask more. I am not telling my whole life story or giving any details of my 20+ years in business, just a teaser about me today. Now write yours out on an index card. Practice it over and over again. Refine as many times as you feel necessary. Resource: Book by Sally Hogshead, Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation. [youtube expand=1] Job board detox value statements image from Stock.xchng
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