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Everyone tells us how important it is to be happy in our careers. Frankly, most people aren’t, so it’s a really big deal when you land a job that actually makes you excited to go to work. What if I told you there are jobs out there that not only make your work week happier, but make your weekends even better, too? Game-changer... Am I right? Related: 3 Signs Your Career Needs A Lyft During my daily employer-digging, I stumbled across a company that is as “moving” an employer as it is a company. Literally. It’s called Human Movement Management, and it’s the company responsible for some of the world’s biggest outdoor events, running races, beer festivals, and more. You know those awesome pictures that probably flood your Facebook news feed a few times each year of people running while caked in color, as they’re chased by zombies, or while donning ugly sweaters? That’s all HMM. Its mission statement promises to “make your weekends ‘effing awesome” - a mantra that extends both to its participants and employees.

3 Signs Your Job Makes Weekends Awesome

Those are pretty big weekend-shoes-to-fill, so how do you know when your employer is making your weekend better?

1. You don’t spend Sunday night dreading Monday.

No matter how good your weekend is, Sunday dread is inevitable if a boring Monday morning is looming in the near distance. You want soak up every possible moment of the weekend without spending time envisioning your next Case of the Mondays, but how? If your company makes you excited to hop out of bed and get to work, you won’t be wasting time Sunday night thinking about the week with disappointment. Instead, you’ll be positive that the week ahead looks bright and look forward to putting your skills, and passion for the position, to good use. Better yet, if you enjoy the culture and your co-workers, you won’t just be “working for the weekend”...You can enjoy both! HMM names its employees as the best reason to work there, but the other Top Reasons to Work at HMM seem pretty great too. They definitely make a case for fighting off the Sunday night blues!

2. Surprise! Long weekends!

Who’s with me on this one? A long weekend is an awesome weekend. If your company is on board with these (when the holidays roll around, through flextime, or just because), then your weekends are destined to be pretty great. HMM supports the long weekend feeling through flextime and unlimited vacation time, and even gives its team the whole month of January off. Long month, anyone?

3. Events designed to make you (and everyone around you) smile.

Some people might be turned off by the idea of weekend events with their coworkers, but what if your coworkers are also friends? With events happening on many weekends for their participants, HMM team members have a chance to dive in and have some fun too. Not only are its events well-recognized, but they’re designed to inspire the smile in your weekend. One look at the HMM Culture Blog shows that they’re never at a loss for a great time with a dedicated team. Can you picture yourself working at this company? HMM is hiring! Learn more about the company here. Do you have a job that makes your weekends something special? Tweet me @SamanthaSaysSo and tell me about it!

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