3 Signs Your Career Needs A Lyft

3 Signs Your Career Needs A Lyft

The ride-sharing app and startup that Inc. told us to watch in 2015 is continuing to grow and revolutionize the world of transportation as we know it. The company, Lyft, is not only changing up the way people get around, but also the way people earn an income. If you’ve ever wanted to make money on your own terms, listen up. Related:#1 Sign Being A 'Fool' Will Get You HiredThe concept for passengers itself is relatively simple: You request a ride from a friendly, background-checked Lyft driver, the Lyft driver scoops you at your predetermined location while you track their ETA in the app, and you pay your community driver through the app on your phone when your ride comes to an end. Now, for those who want to “Lyft” their paychecks, the concept for drivers is even simpler: Calculate how much you can earn in your location (Fun Fact: It’s up to $35 an hour) and apply online, keep what you’re paid - they’re all tips and they’re all yours, and build your community of passengers and fellow drivers as you go. In case this sounds too good to be true, or if driving isn’t really your thing, I took a sneak peek into Lyft’s culture and learned what its jobs really have to offer. Although it’s known for its driving positions, Lyft has a number of open positions in departments ranging from engineering to marketing and operations. Better yet, these corporate positions are recognized for their flexibility as frequently as Lyft’s driving jobs. So, how do you know when Lyft is a fit for you?

3 Signs Your Career Needs A Lyft

1. You crave ways to make an impact.

If your current position doesn’t fuel your passion and drive you to make a difference, it’s time to find a place that makes you excited to go to work each day. When you crave the support and tools that will allow you to impact the future of a company, you need a job that helps you grow. With a number of open positions at this tech startup, employees have the chance to create change right from Day One.

2. You value flexibility and work-life balance.

While it’s crucial to be happy at work, it can be hard to focus if your work-life balance feels out of whack. You need a company that embraces flexibility and encourages you to take care of you. With things like unlimited vacation days for exempt team members, Lyft driving credits, and a fully stocked kitchen, Lyft is the kind of employer that puts you first.

3. You want to have a company community.

Do you have a work tribe? A team? A community? These are the people who will help you grow, celebrate successes with you, push you to work hard toward goals, and be the friends you turn to in your office. Despite being a company focused on helping its users go off in many directions, Lyft brings its team together for things like regular meetings, sports leagues, or hangouts on the roof deck. (PS. Your canine friends are invited, too.) As always, it’s all about the culture to us at CAREEREALISM. Do you love your company’s culture? Share what makes it unique! Tweet me @SamanthaSaysSo and tell me!

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