3 Job Search Secrets The Best Employers Wish You Knew

3 Job Search Secrets The Best Employers Wish You Knew

What if the real reason you can't find a job you love isn't because it's hard to do or because “you just can't find anything better"? Related:3 Ways To Break Free Of Your Boring, Torturous Job What if it's just about how you were taught to “play the game" of your career? Think back to those times in your life where you conquered major challenges. Maybe it was finding love, winning something in sports, or doing something academically. How did you do it? Odds are, you tried and failed a bunch of times. But with guidance from mentors, persistence, and the right insight into how to “win the game" - you did it. Well, with 70% of people unhappy in the workplace and only 1% of traditional resumes leading to a job offer, I think it's safe to say that we haven't been taught properly how to “win the game." The good news is that there's a whole new breed of companies out there called “For-Benefit" companies, which exist to make a profit AND a difference - and are renowned for empowering and engaging their employees. They've created a whole new game with a whole new set of rules… making them what many people would consider to be the bestemployers out there.

3 Job Search Secrets The Best Employers Wish You Knew

So, in this article, I'm going to give you a few of the biggest secrets these types of companies wish you knew. Plus, I'll tell you where to find them, and how to get their attention.

Secret #1: Have A “Burning Desire"

Your career takes up a lot of a time. We all know this, yet somehow it's culturally acceptable to “get through the work week" and say things like “at least it pays the bills." Don't get me wrong, we all have to put in the hard work and pay the bills while searching for something more... But far too many people get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget about that passion they had as a child. When they could do anything, and life was exciting and fun and vibrant. So here's your first secret: The best companies out there… the ones that are going to challenge you, engage you, inspire you, and reward you… Want people who have a burning desire to contribute to their mission. I'm not talking about your average job, and I'm not talking about your average life. This advice is for people who know they can be, do, and have more in their career… and are actively searching for a company and mission that ignites their passion and fuels their soul. The best companies out there - like the ones on the GameChangers 500 list of the world's top For-Benefit organizations - want people with that burning desire. And frankly, (on the flip side) why would YOU want to continue on working long term doing something that you're not passionate about?

Secret #2: A Customized Job Seeking Approach Trumps Traditional

We've established that the best companies out there want people with a burning desire to work with them. Naturally, you can then assume that a traditional job application will NOT get their attention. There's no passion, desire, or uniqueness in it. What these organizations want is something authentic, customized, and engaging that grabs their attention and shows them why they need you on their team. So find 3-5 organizations that you have a “burning desire" to work with, and put your brains and creativity into thinking about how to get their attention and get the job.
  • Maybe that means attending a conference or an event they're at and making a point of meeting them at a networking party.
  • Or sending a package to their office with a gift and creative presentation on why they should hire you.
  • Perhaps, it means creating a simple website entirely devoted to getting their attention.
The whole point is to think outside of the box, and do things differently. That's how you can get their attention and get the job.

Secret #3: Understand Your Value Proposition

The best companies out there are in business to make a profit AND a difference. That means that your value proposition - or what you do for them - is to help them make more money and make more of an impact in the world. So, a great way to get their attention is to address this right from the beginning when you make contact with them. Draw on your past experience and forecast how you can help them better serve their customers and the world… And when you talk to them in this way, they'll know you get the big picture… which boosts your value and attractiveness significantly. For more free tips and tricks on finding the best companies, getting their attention, and getting the job, check out this free video I put together alongside the founder of the GameChangers 500 (list of the world's top For-Benefit companies). This post was originally published at an earlier date.Disclosure: This post is sponsored by a Work It Daily-approved expert.
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