5 ½ Things You Need To STOP Doing RIGHT NOW In Your Job Search

5 ½ Things You Need To STOP Doing RIGHT NOW In Your Job Search

Job search is exhausting already, so why make it harder on yourself? If you’ve been at it for a while now with no success, it’s time to reevaluate your strategy. (Psst! Can't get hired? Watch this free tutorial.) Here are some things you need to stop doing in your job search in order to succeed:

1. Relying on online job boards.

Stop relying on online job boards. I beg of you. It’s not effective. Online job openings are usually overflowing with job applicants, which makes it almost impossible to stand out. Further, your resume will likely go through the evil ATS (or automated filtering system). If your resume isn’t an exact match, it will be automatically thrown out before it even gets read by a human. The verdict? Applying online is a waste of time.

2. Making it hard for recruiters to find what they need.

Recruiters spend an average of six seconds (SIX!) reading your resume. If you’re not making it easy for them to find what they need, you’re asking for them to throw your resume in the trash. (You’re also inviting them to cry to U2’s “I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.”) So, make sure you showcase your best information at the top of your resume so recruiters can find it quickly.

3. Going crazy with your formatting (or using the same format from 10 years ago).

Unfortunately, even if you’re the most qualified candidate for the job, the smallest error on your resume can hold you back from getting job interviews. If your resume isn’t formatted correctly, it’s likely going to be automatically tossed by the ATS because it can’t read it. Or, it’s going to get thrown in the garbage because recruiters are overwhelmed by it. So, relax with the crazy graphics, put a hold on the bold, and make sure you’re using the latest formatting techniques.

4. Focusing too much on one part of your job search.

If you’re stuck on one particular aspect of your job search, whether it’s writing the perfect cover letter or attending as many networking events as possible, you’re going to fall short in other areas. For example, if you spend all of your time writing resumes, you won’t be able to prepare for job interviews effectively. You need to think about all of the moving parts of a job search, not just one of them.

5. Blaming others for your lack of success.

Oh yeah, I just got real with you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on the job search for two months or two years, you need to stop blaming others for your lack of success in your job search. Take responsibility for your actions, own your mistakes, and focus on improving. No one wins when you play the Blame Game. Instead of pointing fingers at bad bosses or colleagues, take a moment to appreciate the people who support you.

5 ½. Beating yourself up for being unemployed.

While you should take responsibility for yourself and not blame others for your situation, you can’t beat yourself up. Life throws curveballs your way every now and then. That’s life! In order to get what you want, you need to stay positive, keep moving forward, and know that you’re not alone.  

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