Use These Tips To Be Efficient In Your Job Search

Use These Tips To Be Efficient In Your Job Search

Most people think job searching comprises of simply sending out a resume and waiting for the interview call. However, for most people, job searching is tedious, time-consuming, and often more stressful than actually working. How can job seekers be efficient in their search and make the most of their time? Here are 5 ways to streamline the process and make your job search more productive. Related: How To Make Sure You're A Fit BEFORE You Apply For A Job


Any great plan requires a detailed and creative strategy. Your career goals matter and your job search should center on those goals. Each day, you should have a plan of attack – whether it is spending the morning reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn or tweeting to staffing agencies, and spending your afternoons following up to HR managers, your job search must encompass strategic execution of that plan to achieve results. You may find that it is best to have a schedule for the day that keeps you on track with your search so that you aren’t spending your entire day exhausting only one avenue and skimming job search boards.

Take Breaks

Sitting at your desk or dining room table for multiple hours without a break can lead to increased stress, fights, and utter dismay. Mulling and agonizing over your job search can produce negative energy that detracts from fulfillment in your strategic planning and disrupts relationships. Make time for chores, exercise, and other responsibilities to maintain and manage your stress levels. Don’t be afraid to take a break to go to the coffee shop for a change of scenery. Besides, you never know who you may meet there!

Don’t Mass Apply

Are you sending your resume to every job opening in your industry that’s advertised on Monster, Indeed or another job search engine? It is a waste of expendable energy to apply for jobs outside of your skill set or experience level. Applying for jobs you are not qualified for only leads to additional frustration or disappointment when you receive a rejection letter. Always read the job descriptions, qualifications, and requirements and compare them to your resume. If your resume does not match the skill sets or requirements of that position, then re-consider applying.

In-Person Connections

Speaking to someone in-person is a great way for creating new connections and building relationships. Pick up the phone and set appointments to meet with recruiters, headhunters and directors of staffing agencies. Attending networking events can lead to future job opportunities. A personal referral to a company provides you with 80% greater leverage than if you apply on your own. Utilize your connections to your advantage. Take time to meet with someone for lunch or over coffee to discuss your career trajectory. But, make sure to bring business cards or a copy of your resume with you.

Consult With a Professional

Most career coaches and resume writers offer free consultations. If you aren’t getting the interviews, then it may be time to reconsider the structure of your resume or direction of your search. Take advantage of professional services that can help you re-target or brand your resume. Seek advice from others who may be able to provide you with the tools necessary to refine your job search and get you on the right track. Stepping outside of the box can be the best asset to your job search.

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