How I Landed A Leadership Position Right Out Of College

The idea of finding a job after college can seem like a daunting task these days. Many young professionals simply take whatever job they can get – even if that means being miserable and not using the skills they learned throughout school. Related: #1 Key To Becoming An Effective Leader If you’re not one to settle for a job, or you crave something more in your career, we’ve got great news for you. You CAN find a great job at a great company - even if you’re a recent graduate. Find out how Joseph Barusch, a recent graduate with a degree in Business Economics, landed a leadership position at GEICO right out of college.

‘Looking for a job was overwhelming.’

For Barusch, one of the hardest parts of the job search process was filtering out the good from the bad - And trying to determine which jobs were real jobs (not scams) and which jobs lead to advancement wasn’t easy. “[Job searching] was just a little overwhelming because there were a ton of jobs out there,” he said.

‘Having room to grow and lead is important to me.’

One day, he turned to LinkedIn for help. After typing “management” into the LinkedIn search bar to see what he could find, a list of related jobs appeared. Among the results was a management position at GEICO. The relevant job title and reputable company triggered him to look into the opportunity further. As it turns out, the winning candidate would be put through GEICO’s well-known Management Development program, putting him or her on the fast-track to a leadership position. “Coming out of college, it’s a college student’s dream to become involved in a job that has some sort of relevance to management,” he said. “There is a direct correlation to a management trainee position and advancement, and this is what caught my attention.” Despite getting multiple offers from other well-known companies, Barusch decided to pursue the GEICO opportunity based on its leadership program - it was actually the deciding factor when it came down to two companies.

‘I didn’t think of applying at first, but I’m so glad I did!’

“I never would have dreamed about working for an insurance company before I found it on LinkedIn,” said Barusch. Although he never pictured himself working for an insurance company, Barusch loves his current role in the company, as well as the culture. “Everything about the program has met my expectations,” he said. “The reputation for GEICO has gotten better and better.” A few of his favorite things about working for GEICO include: Competitive, yet fun work environment: According to Barusch, there are decorations everywhere, March Madness tournaments, contests, and more. They also try to incorporate sports and competition wherever they can to challenge employees. “This is really appealing to college kids because it’s very competitive,” he said. Opportunities for growth: Unlike other companies, top performers can move up fairly quickly at GEICO due to their system for advancement. “Once you get into the company, there’s a ton of opportunity to move up,” said Barusch. Great training programs: According to Barusch, the management trainee program is a great transition for college kids transitioning into the real world and teaches them the skills they need to excel. “I’ve learned a great deal in not just insurance, but also in coaching,” he said. “In college, you don’t really learn how to coach, but when you get here, they teach you.” Ability to help others: One of the best parts of the job to Barusch is working with others. “Helping people is the best thing about the job,” he said.

You can be on the fast-track to leadership, too!

Is advancement important to you? Do you dream of being a leader? If so, check out GEICO’s well-known Management Development program. It's looking for bright, driven grads to join its team. Check it out - you could find yourself on the fast-track to leadership and management! Write a great resume in 15 minutes! This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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