Leave Work at Work and Make the Most of July 4th

Leave Work at Work and Make the Most of July 4th

Everyone needs a break from work once in awhile, even you! Take advantage of the Fourth of July holiday this year; it's time to leave work at work. This year, the holiday falls on hump day. Some people might look at this as a bad timing since it's in the middle of the work week, however, it could be the perfect time to plan a mini vacation.

Perhaps you should consider taking Thursday and Friday off to make it an extra long weekend!

Celebrate your freedom by taking a trip to one of these cool places:

Head to the mountains. What's a better way to celebrate July 4th then spending it with a few of our presidents! Take a trip over with your family or friends and make this July 4th one to remember. Don't forget to write!

Go to Boston. Want the perfect mix of history and fun? Make your way to Boston! The city is not only full of history, but the firework show is one of the best in America. Ka-boom!

Take a journey to the capital. Get your vacation on over at the capital of the United States! Obviously, this place is a Fourth of July hotspot; so be prepared for crowds of red, white, and blue face paint, flags, and banners!

If you can't the rest of the week off, don't worry, you can still take advantage of the 24-hour break!

Here are some ideas for Fourth of July fun:

Host a BBQ. Set up a pop-up tent and fire up the grill! After the parade, have the town over for a festive barbecue. Grab some cold drinks, hot dogs, and potato salad and have some fun!

Catch some waves. If it's a hot one, dig out your kids' boogie boards and your beach chairs! Nothing is more refreshing than take a swim and soaking up some rays. Don't forget your sunblock!

Relax. Take the holiday to spend some quality time with your family. Whether it's hanging out on the hammock, watching the parade, or playing a board game, take this day to give yourself a well-deserved break.

What is your Fourth of July tradition?

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