Lindsey Kepley

Name: Lindsey Kepley Title: HR Recruiter Company: NES Rentals

Tell us about your specialties, experience, or the industry you recruit for:

I recruit in the construction industry, specifically for outside and inside salespeople, CDL Drivers, mechanics, and coordinators. I have a strong recruiting background in many skill sets, including military pilots, software designers, and project managers. I make it a point to learn as much as I can about the job and industry I am recruiting in, so that when I talk with interested candidates, I understand everything they’re saying about their experience and how they qualify for the position.

What makes you a unique recruiter? (i.e., why will a candidate want to work with you?)

I am not a typical recruiter. Many recruiters just want you to answer the phone so that they can tell you why you need to come work for their company. I specialize in listening to what is important to you, understanding where you want to go with your career, and why you’re wanting to change jobs. Also, I spend a lot of my time making sure you really understand our jobs and our culture. If you email me with a question, I will likely call you back so that I can answer that question, as well as any others you might have.

Why do you like recruiting?

I love interacting with new people everyday. I also enjoy being a key in helping my branch managers find candidates who they are excited about interviewing and eventually hiring. I consider myself a matchmaker… helping interested job seekers and hiring managers meet.

What do you enjoy doing outside of recruiting? (i.e., hobbies, passions, projects, etc.)

I love being outside. If I could take my desk and put it outside in the sun, I absolutely would. I also love to travel to new places in the United States and try out new restaurants and parks. Lastly, I love to learn new things of many different genres. I like learning how to fix things on my car, network with people just to learn about their jobs and their companies, and taking new classes in my field.

Contact Information:

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