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5 Simple Steps To Being Happier & Making More Money

5 Simple Steps To Being Happier & Making More Money

A 12 minute video just blew my mind. It wasn’t just hilarious and entertaining. It was much, much more.

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If you’re like me, then you believed a lie at one point or another. The lie is this:

If you work harder, you’ll be more successful. And if you’re more successful, you’ll be happier.
But this doesn’t work. It never has. And it’s the reason why you see so many famous people go crazy. At the root of their journey to success was their desire to be happy. And imagine how disappointing it must be to discover that after all your long hours, hard work, and sacrifice - you’re still not happy.

The secret is simple: Just reverse the formula.

Create happiness in your life right now. Literally... be happy now, and success will follow. In fact, the speaker in this video says that only 25% of job success is related to your IQ. 75% is a result of being optimistic, having great social support, and having the ability to see stress as a challenge rather than a threat. Furthermore, every single business outcome improves when you follow these steps. You’re more productive, experience less burnout, have less stress, are able to get better jobs, and more... So, how do you do this? How do you create happiness in your life right now - even if you have unpleasant circumstances? Well, hang on to something, because things are going to get a little weird.

5 Simple Steps To Being Happier & Making More Money

I’m going to give you the five keys to creating lasting happiness in your life - which will, in turn, help you create more success (and more money!). Plus, a free resource at the end that’ll guide you towards the next step in your career. So, let’s get started:

1. Get Grateful

Studies have proven that listing out just three new things you’re grateful for each morning - for 21 consecutive days - creates more dopamine in your brain, which makes you feel happier. All of a sudden, your brain automatically starts seeing life in a more positive light. Things aren’t as bad as they seemed before. New opportunities come into your life, and it regains some of the freshness it had when you were a child. So, give this a try. All you have to do is say a few things you’re grateful for to yourself each morning, and you’ll notice a difference in how you feel about your day sooner than you think.

2. Write Down Your Thoughts

The speaker in this video explains that journalling about just one positive experience a day allows the brain to re-live it… literally training your brain to see the world more optimistically.

3. Do Something Active Every Day

The other day I wasn’t feeling so hot. All day long, I was less energetic than I’m used to, and I just felt generally gross. Yet, I forced myself to go to the gym, and after a very average workout, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. Consistent exercise is a life-saver in so many ways. Even if you don’t have much energy for it at the end of the day (like me the other day), it’s still worth it.

4. Tap Into Your Inner Buddha

And by that I mean… meditate. Many people think it’s weird, and dismiss it completely. Some try it, but can’t focus long enough to make it enjoyable. Yet, the benefits of meditation are so amazing that regardless of where you are, it’s worth a shot. And the more difficult it is for you to focus, the more you need it. Meditation, according to the speaker in this video, helps us get over the cultural ADHD we create in our daily lives - where we can’t focus on anything and are constantly distracted by what’s going on around us.

5. Perform Random Acts Of Kindness

Try sending just one email, one Facebook message, or even a tweet to someone in your social network every day for 21 days, and you’ll notice a huge difference in your happiness levels. You won’t be just helping them, you’ll be helping yourself. Now, these five simple steps will reverse the formula we’ve all been taught, and reveal the truth about creating more success and happiness in your life.
So, remember to try out each of these 5 simple steps every day. You’ll notice a difference immediately, but the biggest impact will come once you make it a habit (after doing it for 3 weeks). Cheers to your success, and your happiness.

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