#1 Reason Mid-Career Professionals Can't Get That Promotion

#1 Reason Mid-Career Professionals Can't Get That Promotion

#1 Reason Mid-Career Professionals Can't Get that Promotion

Are you a mid-career professional trying to get a promotion? Are you getting passed over repeatedly? When you ask for feedback as to why the other candidate got the job, I bet you get answers like this from management: “We chose someone with more experience in ___.” “The other candidate had more knowledge about ____.” “The candidate we chose had skills that were more aligned with the role.” It’s frustrating to hear, isn’t it? The answers above are vague. Anyone on the receiving end of that type of feedback wants to say, “Give me an example,” or “Be more specific.” However, as someone who’s been part of hundreds of hiring processes, I can tell you that feedback like that is code for one thing: the other candidate did a better job of proving their value.

You’re A Business-of-One And Promotions Go To The Best ROI

When we reach the middle of our career, we expect better work and more pay. However, we often forget that to get those things, we must show we’re worth it. Asking companies to invest in us on a greater scale requires us to show how the return on the investment (aka ROI), will be more than worth it.

3 Things Must Be Showcased To Get A Shot At Promotion

In order to convey maximum ROI, you need to offer employers three things to prove your best work is yet to come - and they’ll be the lucky recipients of that added value! They are:
  • Why you love solving the problems and managing the headaches that come with the new job. Management gives promotions to people who make their lives easier. You need to show how you will minimize challenges and lighten their load - and do it gladly with a smile on your face.
  • How you have built a proven methodology for consistently delivering results on the job, and how you will use it in the new position. Management doesn’t want to have to train or coach you because they are too busy already. Show them you already have a system in place that you can tap into independently and they’ll know you’re capable of getting up to speed on your own.
  • What bigger problems you want to tackle for the company and how this job will enable you to achieve that goal. Management wants to give the promotion to the person that plans to not only solve the problems assigned to the job, but also sees other places where they can add value in the future so they can keep the momentum going.

Your Business-Of-One Needs To Prove It’s Got A Smart, Strategic Leader

As a business-of-one seeking a promotion, your employer is evaluating your ability to manage, develop and deliver maximum value. This requires you to be a savvy professional who understands the bigger picture and can see where you can maximize your efforts for the company. They don’t want to have to give you the answers because they expect you to figure it out - that’s what they’re paying for! The next time you are up for a promotion, step back and think about how you can position your business-of-one as the best service provider. This will show management you are finally ready to go to the next level. Disclosure: This post was written as part of the University of Phoenix Versus Program by J.T. O'Donnell. I’m a compensated contributor, but the thoughts and ideas are my own.