How To Avoid Falling Into The 'Miserable Career' Trap

How To Avoid Falling Into The 'Miserable Career' Trap

The year was 2009. I was an overly confident (and incredibly ignorant) young man… And I was on a mission to kickstart my career and make a lot of money.

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The results of my quest are both hilarious and embarrassing... And while I learned an incredibly valuable lesson from this experience, I nonetheless wasted an entire year of my life. I was burned out, had used up all my savings, was living with my parents, AND was completely miserable. So, what happened? And how can you avoid an equally horrific fate?

I Fell Into The “Miserable Career” Trap

Unfortunately, it’s rather easy to do. Try working long days filled with frustrating tasks that aren’t your natural strength. Add that to unfulfilling results and a total lack of meaning... And throw in a dash of desperateness… and you’ll get there. So, if you’re like me in 2009 - and you’re NOT engaged, excited, and exhilarated by your career right now, then here’s...

How To Turn Your Career Around

For me, it started with one simple decision. I decided to take 100% accountability for all of my results in life. Even the ridiculous ones. For instance (and thankfully this hasn’t happened to me - yet!), say someone decided to prank me by throwing a pie in my face I was walking swiftly towards an important business meeting. I could get angry, curse at him up and down, cancel my business meeting, and let it ruin the rest of the day. Or, I could chase him down and wipe as much pie as possible on him, then laugh and walk on into my business meeting with a hilarious story and an important lesson learned... The lesson being this: always be aware of your surroundings (and especially flying pies!) One choice makes me a victim. The other empowers me and challenges me to grow and do better. Simple, right? Combine 100% accountability with the following formula, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

The 5 Elements Of The Ultimate Career Formula

Now, if you want to dodge the pie of death (career death, that is), there’s actually a proven formula for avoiding the “Miserable Career” trap I fell into - and instead creating a career and life you love.
  1. Apply Your Strengths - take tests and assessments to figure out what you’re naturally good at, and make sure your role is in alignment with your results.
  2. Align With Your Values - identify what’s most important to you, and make sure your position and the company you work for fit. If you’re a health junkie working for a soda-pop company, you may want change things up.
  3. Lean Into Your Inspiration - lean into your inspiration by reflecting on what you enjoy, what you’re passionate about, and what drives you crazy in the world!
  4. Make a Great Income - leverage your skills and experience to make the highest income possible.
  5. Magnify Your Impact - contribute your skills to projects that make a difference in the world. The sweet spot of these five elements is where you’ll find your ultimate career. Applying this formula is a process, but one day you’ll hit the tipping point where you realize that you’re right in the middle of your ultimate career - and you know that you’ll only continue to magnify your impact and income from there.

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