3 Mistakes Executives Make Online

3 Mistakes Executives Make Online
Most executives today are unaware of how much job search has changed in the last few years. Today, social media not only requires you to be more tech-savvy and transparent, it’s also created a new expectation... You must go beyond the resume and bio and create an executive brand that proves you are the top talent you claim to be. The old phrase, “Actions speak louder than words,”applies here – and the actions are all done online.

Brand or Be Branded

For those executives who have stayed clear of engaging online, you are making the single biggest mistake there is. Here’s why... Five out of five recruiters are conducting an online search about an executive candidate to determine if they should contact them about their opportunities. If you haven’t been engaging in social media as way to build up the search results on your name, you are being passed over for positions. A lack of online presence indicates one of the following to an executive recruiter:
  • You are not technology savvy.
  • You have something to hide.
  • You aren’t as great as you say you are on your resume.

3 Mistakes Most Executives Make Online

For those executives who have engaged online, if you aren’t expanding your network and getting calls, then you are doing something wrong. Here are the three most common mistakes I see executives make... 1. Write their social media profiles in the third person and stuff them full of subjective, self-promotional text. It is no longer en vogue to write an extensive homage to your professional greatness. Selling yourself with fancy words and lots of powerful adjectives is considered old school (not in a good way). Today’s social media user is humble, sticks to the facts, and has a centralized message about who they are as a professional that is based on the problems they solve for companies. Takeaway: Less is more when you are writing about yourself online. 2. Haven’t written any articles showcasing their subject-matter expertise as a way to gain 3rd party credibility. Real executive talent has the ability to write about their expertise as a way to educate others. Executives today who get showcased for their thoughts on industry blogs, prove they are confident in their knowledge and ability to get results. Nothing commands respect more than to read the insights and teachings of a proven professional. If you can write out a concept and it makes sense to others, then by default, you are proving you know what you are talking about. Plus, executive recruiters can use the articles to show their clients your abilities. Takeaway: Sharing your expertise by writing (ie blogging) is the new resume. 3. Don’t regularly comment on blogs as a way to showcase their knowledge and expertise. Many executives shy away from commenting on articles because they don’t understand how it impacts their online brand. The truth is, as long as you say something intelligent, it’s good for your career. Commenting tied to your name shows up in an online search about you. This can be a wonderful way to show executive recruiters what news sources you are reading. Not to mention, they can see what you are commenting on as it relates to your expertise. Having a position on a subject is vital as an executive as well. You don’t get where you are by being wishy-washy. So, as long as your comment is professional and adds to the conversation, you can’t go wrong. (Note: Be sure to set up a Gravatar for commenting.) Takeaway: Comment on blogs as a way to build your online reputation.

What to Do if the Above Sounds Like You

Executives understand investing in their multi-million dollar business-of-one is vital to landing that next coveted role. If you are guilty of any of the above, it’s time to retain some expert help. Consider hiring a coach, or find an executive branding firm that can complete a full assessment on you and give you recommendations on how you can improve your online reputation. The money you invest in building your Executive Brand will pay for itself in the form of more opportunities and activity in your search.

Your Next Step

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