The 10 Most Lucrative Careers

The 10 Most Lucrative Careers

Not sure what direction you want to go in your career? Be sure to check out this list of the most lucrative careers out there today. If anything, you might find a new career direction to explore!


Accountancy is considered an appealing career for many people around the world. With a large salary and numerous potential benefits, those that are willing to put in the hard work, get their qualifications and spend a fair amount of time number-crunching can eventually thrive over the course of their career.

IT Web Designer

The Information Technology sector is such an area of solid growth that salaries are actually fairly good even at entry-level jobs. However, it’s when you start moving up the ladder that the benefits become readily apparent. Though qualifications will definitely help you gain access to the industry, they are by no means as important as experience with building, creating and maintaining websites. As businesses continue to look for new employees, it is also an area in which job opportunities are still plentiful.


Considering the amount of time and effort spent training, how much responsibility they carry and how important the split second decisions they make can be, it is hardly surprising that becoming a doctor can be potentially lucrative. Depending on seniority and specialization, medical practitioners are incredibly likely to benefit from a fantastic salary throughout their careers.

Property Developer

Though working in property may seem like a difficult career choice at the moment, it could actually prove to be a fantastic career move. Though the housing bubble has burst, the government and investors are still looking for ways to get the economy kick-started, with building projects being one of the options touted as a solution. With clever investments and a huge amount of drive, property development should become a hugely profitable career once again.

Insurance Broker/Analyst

When people think of a typical high-profile career, they often think of lucrative employment at an important insurance firm. There’s a definite reason for this and it involves a great salary, brilliant benefits and plenty of opportunities to prove yourself as a motivated and intelligent employee. Whether you’re entering through a graduate program or just looking for something new, working in the insurance industry is definitely a lucrative possibility to consider.


The specialist legal knowledge and experience required to make it as a solicitor means it’s an occupation that pays particularly well. However, the industry is hugely competitive and it’s an incredibly popular choice of career for a great number of graduates, whether or not they took a law degree. Consequently, it’s important that you’re ready to strive hard and remain ruthless throughout your career.


The importance of the media in spreading information cannot be underestimated in modern society. Nobody realizes this more than those that have the most to lose from bad press or a poor public image – successful businesses. With this in mind, the great demand for public relation employees is understandable, as are their accompanying high salaries. PR jobs can often be hugely enjoyable as well, particularly if you enjoy the creative side of life. Most big businesses will employ a public relations team of some kind, so there are plenty of opportunities to work for a high-profile company, or with them as a client.


The romantic view of the job may have faded slightly, but a career as a pilot can still be very lucrative. If you’re willing to take long shift hours and a lot of time spent away from home as part of the job, it may be perfect for you. However, with a lot of responsibility comes a lot of training, and those that want to make it should understand that they could spend a number of years climbing the ladder before they’re at the controls of a commercial plane.

Commissioned Salesperson

Many people dismiss jobs as a commissioned salesperson out of hand because they remove the safety net of a guaranteed salary. However, if you’re a charmer that knows how to push all the right buttons and make a sale, it can be incredibly lucrative. Of course, this does depend to a great degree on exactly what you’re selling. At the top of the list lies pharmaceuticals, cars and financial services, so if you can secure a job selling any of these you might end up making a couple of pounds.

Professional Athlete

For many of us, it’s a childhood dream that we have to stow away because we have neither the natural skill nor dedication. However, for the select few, becoming a professional athlete or sportsperson can be an incredible career. Not only are the salaries generally good, but sponsorship deals can also result in huge bonuses, and let’s not forget the job satisfaction! Now that you know some of the most lucrative careers, maybe you will start exploring a different career path.

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