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Why You Should Be Networking At Exhibitions

Tradeshows and exhibitions may seem pointless now that the majority of business and client interactions are handled through social media. It’s quick, easy, and convenient, but meeting business contacts face-to-face is crucial to building trust and developing strong relationships. Related: Top 5 Tips To Successfully Attend A Networking Event Networking is integral to raising profiles, growing your business and generating new business leads. It is important for your business to be up to date with industry changes otherwise you could find that you have fallen behind. Making the right contacts is vital to development. Due to the convenience and scope that social media offers, businesses often never meet their clients is person. Investing some time and effort into interacting with others can aid in establishing long lasting relationships. New doors are opened and exciting opportunities are obtainable by attending such events, which may otherwise be missed by not engaging with other delegates. Any event where businesses and clients get together is a huge networking opportunity. Motivation to grow and develop means not sitting back until the exhibition to promote your business but researching the show and the other businesses to get an understanding of their objectives. Take the time to meet up with the exhibition organisers and maximise your experience and presence at the show. Establish whether the show is for you and take time to work on promotional strategies. Ensure your money is well invested and take the opportunity to meet as many people are you can. The more people you see, the more potential contacts you have. Physical networking at exhibitions far outweighs that of a ‘virtual handshake’ online because your presence allows you to show off your attributes. Take the opportunity to really showcase your innovative ideas and improve your networking skills. Networking at exhibitions allows you to assess potential clients and organisations and come to a conclusion on whether you want to do business with them. Before the event, it is a good idea to have a clear notion of what you want to get out of the show and those attending. Be active and get talking because the chance to meet as many customers, businesses and competitors in one room does not come by too often. Take the opportunity to build a rapport with other businesses and follow a few tips:

  • Don’t assume your job is done after the event. Establishing a relationship is one thing but investing in it for the long-term is another. Make sure you accurately record all contact details so that you can have follow-up conversations and stay connected.
  • Networking effectively takes time and practice so it is always good to get another opinion if you are unsure. You can even attend a training workshop.
  • Establish your goals and keep business cards on you so that the contacts you do make have something to remember you by.
  • Networking and building successful and long-lasting relationships take time so don’t be put out if you don’t get a quick outcome.
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