Want A Mission-Based Career? 10 High-Paying, Remote Job Opportunities In The Nonprofit Sector

Man looks for remote jobs in the nonprofit sector

Remote job opportunities have skyrocketed in every corner of the economy, including the nonprofit sector. If you're looking for a mission-based career, without sacrificing pay or work-life balance, a job in the nonprofit sector could be a perfect fit.

The following 10 companies are hiring remote employees who are passionate about their mission and want to change the world for the better. Does that sound like you? Here are 10 high-paying, remote job opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

ActBlue - Talent Development Trainer ($100,000 - $130,000)

Man working remotely for his nonprofit job


As a talent development trainer at ActBlue, you'll deliver existing training programs to a diverse set of managers and staff, create new trainings and curricula, and monitor training trends. You have the option to telecommute and must have at least eight years of experience managing high-performing teams.

ActBlue is a nonprofit tech organization driven by the belief that "our democracy works better when more people participate in civic life and when our campaigns and nonprofits are powered by the people they serve." With its fundraising platform, the organization is working to help Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and nonprofits build campaigns or movements fueled by small-dollar donors.

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Pacific Institute - Director of Communications and Outreach  ($100,000-$120,000)

Woman working a job in the nonprofit sector


As the Director of Communications and Outreach at Pacific Institute, you'll develop a communications plan for environmental nonprofit, analyze outreach metrics and create online blogs and newsletters, manage PR duties, and evaluate marketing messaging. You must have five or more years of experience.

Pacific Institute builds solutions to the world's most pressing water challenges. Their ultimate goal is to create a world in which society, the economy, and the environment have the water they need to thrive.

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Keshet - Chief Communications Officer ($100,000-$115,000)

Man works remotely from a caf\u00e9


As the Chief Communications Officer at Keshet, you'll work cross-functionally to develop and implement communications strategy for efforts in social change. Strong leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and related experience are required or this position with the option to work remotely.

Keshet strengthens Jewish communities by working for the full equality of all LGBTQ Jews and their families. They want to create a world in which all LGBTQ Jews and our families can live with full equality, justice, and dignity.

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Do Big Things - Associate Vice President – Digital Strategy ($90,000-$105,000)

Woman works her nonprofit job from home


As the Associate Vice President of Digital Strategy at Do Big Things, you'll run strategic planning processes and create actionable deliverables for clients. You must possess excellent project management skills and have prior relevant experience.

Do Big Things fights for powerful, lasting change by uplifting candidates and causes through "digital storytelling and tools that amplify diverse voices and empower communities." They want to create a future where everyone has the security, opportunity, and resources to be the most genuine, fully-actualized versions of themselves.

Check out other job opportunities at Do Big Things.

Youth Collaboratory - Human Resources Manager ($80,000-$95,000)

Remote employee at a nonprofit organization


As a human resources manager at Youth Collaboratory, you'll manage HR activities, programs, and policies, prevent relationship violence or trafficking of youth, support opportunities to build communities, and develop relationships.

Youth Collaboratory builds the resiliency of the youth services community and harnesses that power to "innovate, evaluate, and drive effective strategies that assure the safety and well-being of youth and young adults, unlocking their limitless potential." Some issues they are passionate about include youth and young adult homelessness and violence, exploitation, and trafficking.

Check out other job opportunities at Youth Collaboratory.

Voting Rights Lab - Associate Director, State Communications ($78,000 - $101,000)

Executive at a nonprofit organization works from home


As the Associate Director, State Communications at Voting Rights Lab, you'll work with regional directors to develop and drive communications plans, draft press releases and letters to the editor, and provide support to in-state campaign partners. This position requires three to six years of relevant experience.

Voting Rights Lab is a nonpartisan organization that fights for the voting rights of all Americans. They work with organizations across the country to build winning state legislative campaigns that secure, protect, and defend the American citizen's right to vote.

Check out other job opportunities at Voting Rights Lab.

Community Solutions of New York - Senior Policy and Research Analyst ($72,200-$90,200)

Man telecommuting to his job in the nonprofit sector


As a senior policy and research analyst at Community Solutions of New York, you'll coordinate the work of a policy team, help create and implement policy strategy, write, edit and produce department materials, create reports, and present research findings. You must have four years of relevant work experience.

Community Solutions of New York wants to end homelessness in their community. They envision a "more equitable society where homelessness is never inevitable, inescapable, or a way of life."

Check out other job opportunities at Community Solutions of New York.

Plastic Pollution Coalition - Director of Development ($70,000-$80,000)

Woman working at a nonprofit


As the Director of Development at Plastic Pollution Coalition, you'll oversee fund development activities, manage a donor portfolio, and support fundraising events and digital fundraising efforts. This position requires five years of experience in fundraising.

Plastic Pollution Coalition is "a growing global alliance of more than 1,200 organizations, businesses, and thought leaders in 75 countries working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, waterways, the ocean, and the environment." Together, they believe we can stop the use of single-use plastic and, ultimately, all plastic pollution.

Check out other job opportunities at Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Animal Equality - International Director of Communications ($70,000 - $75,000)

Man working at a nonprofit


As the International Director of Communications at Animal Equality, you'll manage all external communication, develop and implement innovative marketing strategies, and represent the organization at key events. You must have five or more years of relevant experience for this position with the option to work remotely.

Animal Equality is an international animal protection organization working with society, governments, and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals. They are guided by compassion, determination, and effectiveness, and work to expose and abolish the cruel practices of the animal agriculture industry.

Check out other job opportunities at Animal Equality.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation - Manager of Public Funding and Grants ($70,000)

Executive at a nonprofit organization working remotely


As the Manager of Public Funding and Grants at Chesapeake Bay Foundation, you'll manage public funding and grants activities for an environmental agency to increase sources and revenue, fundraise, and oversee grant proposals and reporting. A bachelor's degree and three to five years of experience is required for this position with the option to work remotely.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation is the largest independent conservation organization solely dedicated to saving this national treasure. The foundation serves as a watchdog, fighting for "effective, science-based solutions to the pollution degrading the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams."

Check out other job opportunities at Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

A career in the nonprofit sector can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. The 10 job opportunities above are only a snapshot of the kinds of high-paying, remote jobs out there. If you want a meaningful career, without sacrificing pay or work-life balance, don't be afraid to check out the nonprofit sector.

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