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Need some podcast recommendations? Check out our episode picks of the week!

Here at Work It Daily, we understand the power of podcasts. We're all about forming good habits, and doing something every day to grow your career.

Listening to podcasts is a fun way to gain perspective, explore ideas, and learn something new. And, believe it or not, podcasts can also help you achieve career growth and success.

Want to build better habits and start "working it daily"? Give these three podcast episodes a listen.

"69: Why your company needs new rituals w/Shishir Mehrotra (YouTube, Coda)" (Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman)

Work It Daily's podcast club episode recommendation (Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman)

On this episode of Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman, Shishir Mehrotra talks about the importance of rituals in your company. It's good rituals, not just a good product, that allows you to scale. Are your rituals helping you build your company culture, cohere your team, and reach your goals? Listen and find out!

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"223: Why Peace is the New Success with Sheri Riley" (The Marie Forleo Podcast)

Work It Daily's podcast club episode recommendation (The Marie Forleo Podcast)

Sheri Riley, author of Exponential Living: Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are, is the guest on this episode of The Marie Forleo Podcast. She believes work-life balance isn't realistic. Listen as she explains why, and gives us tips for how to be successful without working harder or doing more in the day.

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"1006 The Positive Side of Stress & Science of Self-Control w/Kelly McGonigal" (The School of Greatness)

Work It Daily's podcast club episode recommendation (The School of Greatness)

Lewis Howes talks to Kelly McGonigal on this episode of The School of Greatness. These are stressful times, and we all could use some new tips for how to manage our stress better. Fortunately, Kelly is a leader in the field of wellness and stress management. Listen as she and Lewis dive deeper into her research and wisdom, and discuss the four steps you can take to defeat depression.

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Looking for another great podcast to listen to? Check out JT Talks Jobs! Join J.T. O'Donnell, Work It Daily's founder and CEO, as she provides industry-leading insights into job search and career growth.

Are you a podcast-enthusiast looking to achieve career success? Get inspired to grow your career today by joining Work It Daily's Podcast Club!

Learn how to land a career you love

While it's good to have regular friends, everyone needs a best friend. You know, that person you can go to whenever you need help, a confidence boost, or just a laugh. The same concept applies to the workplace.

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To get your customers to think of your brand first when they are ready to buy, the difference may come down to how you position your brand to them. Let's begin by outlining what brand positioning is, how to successfully position your brand, and provide you with a brand positioning example.

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For many new graduates, moving from school into the workplace is a huge culture shock. They are going from an environment where everyone has been the same age and generational outlook to a suddenly diverse social environment with people of all ages and backgrounds present.

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Everyone wants a job that is stimulating and exciting. Unfortunately, many employees experience days or even long stretches where they become bored with their job or even fall into a rut that seems impossible to overcome.

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