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Pursuing your dreams can be extremely hard. For many, simply deciding what they want to be when they grow up can be a daunting task. But for one girl, the choice seems obvious. At only 12 years old, Isabella Rose Taylor already has her sights set on becoming a fashion designer and artist – and she’s already hit the ground running. The tween already has her own fashion line that’s being sold through her online store and her clothes appeared at Austin Fashion Week last spring. Taylor started pursuing fashion design at age nine after attending a sewing camp. Shortly after creating a few outfits for herself, she decided to create an entire collection. “My family was really supportive and I feel lucky that I was able to take my clothing to the next level,” she said in an interview with Austinist. She would ultimately like to make her brand global and have her clothes featured at New York Fashion week. “My goals for the future are to continue to follow my dreams and learn more as I go,” said Taylor. “It would be amazing to live in a world where everyone is passionate and can follow their dreams. I would be thrilled if in some way I could help others pursue their passions.” Think that’s impressive? Well, being a rising fashion designer isn’t enough for Taylor. In addition to designing clothes, she paints and sells artwork, and takes college classes. She plans to pursue a degree in Fashion. Her advice for success? Blood, sweat, and glitter: “My advice for anybody with a dream is BSG: blood, sweat, and glitter,” she told AOL Style. “You have to have blood; you have to have passion to do these things. Then, you have to put the sweat in. You have to put the work and time into it. And then, of course, glitter – You can to have the imagination and the creativity to achieve those dreams and make them a reality.” #YouGoGurl You can pursue your dreams, too! Check out these articles to help you get started:

Photo Credit: blog.isabellarosetaylor.com
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