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Have you ever thought what would happen (theoretically, of course) if you got hit by a bus tomorrow? Would your office be able to run without you? How well? If you are not sure, here a five critical questions to ask before a crisis strikes.

1. Do one or more other people have access to your computer password and office handbook that contains operational information such as; How to use the phone system and, Where are the keys to the conference room?

2. Do you have a back-up system in place as to who can step in for you in an emergency, when you are sick, or simply go on vacation?

3. Have you photo-copied/scanned the front and back of all the contents in your wallet and that of your employer's that is kept in safe place that at least 2 trusted people know?

4. Does your safe deposit box have at least one other signer besides yourself? Does someone other than yourself know where the key is kept?

5. Do at least two other people know where important documents are kept such as passports and insurance papers?

It's ironic but the best assistants are the ones whose offices can run without them, especially on short notice. After all, life happens. Being indispensable is awesome but it is important to prepare for that bus if it ever comes!

Article submitted by Bonnie Low-Kramen

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