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Would You Quit Your Job If You Won The Lottery?

Workers quit after winning the lottery

Imagine if you woke up today and realized you never had to work again. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, for some people, this dream comes true.

Winning the lottery is something all of us have dreamed about. You're not convinced that more money equals more problems. In fact, if you didn't have to worry about money, you could worry about more pressing things, like what you were going to have for dinner.

The reality is that having "enough" money grants us a certain kind of freedom. It opens new doors and provides us with more choices than we've ever had before. The possibilities seem endless. Our main responsibility to go to work to make money to survive is suddenly gone.

But it's only when we have enough money in our accounts that we realize what the most valuable resource on earth is: time. What are we going to do with the precious time we have left?

Think about your career, your family, your bucket list. It seems cruel to have to choose how much time we spend on the important things when we're constrained by dollar signs. But what if you that choice was made easier?

What could you do in your life if you didn't have to work? After all...

Winning the lottery is luck; spending and saving the money you win is a privilege.

So, tell us! If you won the lottery, would YOU quit your job?



​It's simple, really. You would quit and never look back.

Yes...But I'd Still Do SOMETHING


You don't really care for your current job. It's tolerable, but if you could afford to quit, you would. And since you won the lottery, you did. But you like contributing to society. Maybe you will finally follow your dream of starting your own business, or do something outdoorsy instead of sitting at a desk all day. The bottom line: you'd work where you wanted to work, and do what you wanted to do.



You are one of the fortunate ones who have a career they absolutely LOVE! You wake up every morning and know you are following your life's purpose, and no amount of money could change that.

Tell us what YOU would do! VOTE BELOW!

Also...tell us how you'd spend your lottery money! We'd love to hear!

Let's face it: you know your chances of winning the lottery are very slim. But if you're still thinking about leaving your job, check out this article on How To Leave A Job (Without Burning A Bridge)!

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