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We all want to have productive employees. If you want to succeed as a business, you NEED to have a productive team that doesn't waste time. After all, time is money. QUIZ: How Good Is Your Professional Etiquette? As a leader, you LOVE your team. But, are they REALLY making the most of their time? Take this quiz to find out if your team is wasting time and not being as efficient as they could be:

1. How often do you check in with your employees?

(a) They come to me when they need me. (b) We touch base a few times each month. (c) Weekly.

2. How motivated are your employees?

(a) I have to remind most of them to stay on task or focused on projects. (b) They accomplish just what I tell them or what their position requires. (c) They go above and beyond to contribute to the team.

3. What are your employees most focused on?

(a) Getting their work done so they can leave. (b) The projects I assign them. (c) The bigger picture of the company.

4. What type of goals does your team have?

(a) We don’t talk about goals as a team. (b) Individual goals. (c) Short-term goals that contribute to long-term goals.

5. Employees on your team:

(a) Work together only when they have to. (b) Sometimes help each other out. (c) Collaborate often.

6. Which motto fits your team best?

(a) “There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is a ‘me’.” (b) “I get by with a little help from my friends.” (c) “One for all, and all for one!”

7. What type of employees are on your team?

(a) They mostly follow, instead of lead. (b) They’re self-motivated and pretty independent. (c) They take ownership of projects and seek challenges.

8. During down-time, what is your team doing?

(a) Downtime? I’ll be on Facebook... (b) Sometimes chatting with co-workers. (c) Team-building things! Lunch, anyone?


Mostly As: Eager Employees!

Your team is a group of eager employees! Eager employees have all the skills to get the job done, but they do just what’s required to get by. They’re eager to grow professionally, but need the tools to do so. They could accomplish more with their time, but need some inspiration. If you want them be more productive and waste fewer hours, it might be time to make some simple changes to the work week! Try these 5 things to increase your team’s productivity today!

Mostly Bs: Group of Go-Getters!

Your team of go-getters definitely knows what it takes to get their individual jobs done. Go-getters want to improve professionally, but they need some direction to see the company’s bigger picture. If you really want your team to accomplish more with their time, you have to empower them! It’s true, that empowered employees equal an empowered company.

Mostly Cs: Empowered Employees!

Your team sees how they can contribute to the company’s long-term goals. These empowered employees know what it takes to challenge themselves, grow as a team, and make the most of their time. They’re motivated to do more! If you want more employees like them (and want to keep the ones you have!) consider showcasing your team’s culture and story.

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