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QUIZ: Do You Have Social Media Career Power?

QUIZ: Do You Have Social Media Career Power?

You LOVE social media and spend time on every trending site, but do you REALLY know how these networks power your career? Related:What Your Social Media Says About You To Employers If you want to be successful, you NEED to maintain a great online brand. Social media comes into play more often than you think. In fact, over 80% of recruiters check out the social media profiles of candidates as part of their screening process. So, how's your online brand looking? Do you have social media career power? Take this quiz to find out!

1. Your profile pictures are typically:

(a) Smiling headshots (b) With friends or from the last weekend’s outings (c) Selfies!

2. Your social media mantra is:

(a) Would I want my boss to read this? (b) Be myself! (c) Anything goes.

3. You typically post or update:

(a) At least daily. (b) Too many platforms, too little time. (c) Post? I mostly look at other pages.

4. Your Facebook privacy settings are:

(a) Set so only friends can see my pictures, tags, and posts. (b) I’m not sure. I should check... (c) My profile is public.

5. Your LinkedIn profile:

(a) Is updated and keyword optimized. It shows endorsements and recommendations. (b) Is updated with experience and skills, but has few recommendations or endorsements (or none at all). (c) Keyword, what?

6. Your LinkedIn connections are mostly:

(a) Co-workers and professionals within fields you’re interested. (b) Friends and co-workers. (c) I don’t have many connections.

7. When a co-worker adds you on social media, you:

(a) Accept their requests and consider my privacy settings. (b) Sometimes connect with them. (c) Ignore their requests. They don’t need to see my pictures and posts!

8. When you Google your name the search results:

(a) Show my social media profiles, posts I’ve written, accomplishments, and my LinkedIn profile. (b) Show some of my social media profiles and some posts about other people. (c) Pictures I’ve been tagged in and results about other people.


Mostly As: You’re a Social Media Career Champion!

You’re social media savvy, which helps power up your online image for career success. Social Career Champs know that potential employers are looking at their online personal brand. They love developing their network and increase their career power by being passionate and professional online. You’re all about creating a memorable brand and know that social media really packs a punch! That said, don’t get bogged down. Here are some tips to prioritize your personal branding efforts on social media.

Mostly Bs: You’re a Social Media Career Contender!

You’re spending time in all the right places. You have a big network and plenty of experience. Use that to define who you are as a professional! Focus more on the quality of content and connections, instead of quantity. Career Contenders know employers are checking out their social media and always want to send the right message. Leave a lasting impact on your personal brand by sending a consistent message on social media! Click here to learn more.

Mostly Cs: You’re a Social Media Career Novice.

You already use social media, but it’s a last resort for powering your career. Social Media Career Novices could pay more attention to the details that build a personal brand and a network. Your career accomplishments are great. With some social media improvement, you can send the right message about your professional experience and drive your career into the championship ranks! Want to gain more career power through social media? Check out this post for some helpful tips!

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