QUIZ: What Kind Of Networker Are You?

QUIZ: What Kind Of Networker Are You?

Networking. It's a necessity in life. If you want to advance your career, have lots of friends, or find new opportunities, you need to network. Love it or hate it, it's just a fact of life! It's a good thing you already network on a regular basis. You're actually networking everyday - whether you’re making a business contact or setting up two friends on a date. It’s all networking! Related:#1 Secret To Becoming Popular But what kind of networker are you? Take this quiz to find out!

1. When you’re introduced to someone, you:

(a) Quietly mumble, “Hi.” (b) Introduce yourself, then leave after five minutes of small talk. (c) Smile, and immediately start asking questions about him/her.

2. How many networking events do you attend each month?

(a) 1-2 (b) Wait, you have to network each month? (c) I’ve lost track!

3. You just walked into a networking event. You:

(a) Immediately walk to the bar to get a drink, avoiding everyone. (b) You were late, so everyone is already in conversations. You find a loner to talk to. (c) Walk over to a group of people and jump right into the conversation.

4. How long do you typically stay at networking events?

(a) For as long as I can possibly stand it. (b) Not long. I have TV shows to catch up on. (c) I’m usually one of the last people to go. I just can’t stop talking! 5. You’re waiting for the bus with a stranger. You:(a) Pretend like you’re playing with your phone to avoid conversation. (b) Talk about the weather, then stand there awkwardly. (c) Strike up a real conversation with the person, then sit next to them on the bus so you can talk more.

6. Whenever you go out, you:

(a) Meet up with a close friend for dinner. (b) You usually bail. (c) Walk into a bar and know 90% of the people there.

7. What does your friend circle look like?

(a) I have one or two close friends. (b) I have a fairly large group of friends that I don’t see often. (c) Friend circle? I have tons of circles! Circles on circles!

8. When it comes to conversation:

(a) You never know what to talk about. (b) Your mood determines how much talking you’ll do with people. (c) You’re always asking questions and telling stories.

9. What does your social calendar look like?

(a) You have a couple of events each week. (b) You usually bail on plans because you’re tired. (c) You have something going on every night!

10. What would you rather do?

(a) Keep to yourself. (b) Meet people, but not have to put much effort into it. (c) Go to events, parties, and social gatherings all of the time.


Mostly As: The Shy Networker

You’re a little shy when it comes to networking. At events, you’re usually over in the corner debating whether or not you should leave and watch House of Cards. You want to meet new people, but you just never know how to approach people and break the ice. Read this article for some helpful networking tips.

Mostly Bs: The Networking Procrastinator

You know you need to network in order to advance your career, but ughhhh it’s just so hard to drudge all the way to a networking event after a long, hard day of work. Maybe next week? Maybe next month? You’re the networking procrastinator. We know life is short, and you’d rather be doing ANYTHING but networking. Here are some ways you can network in 30 minutes or LESS!

Mostly Cs: The Super Connector

You know everybody! You’ve got tons of friends and your calendar is always full of events. You love meeting new people and connecting them with your friends. You are the super connector. You don’t think of networking as a necessity - It’s fun! Want a new way to network? Check out our Mingle virtual networking events!

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