3 Reasons You’re Not Productive As Much As You Think

3 Reasons You’re Not Productive As Much As You Think

Think you're productive at work? You might be wrong. Maybe you're not productive, at least not as much as you think you are. One of the big discussion points these days regarding business growth is productivity. The slow improvement in our economy right now is considered a "jobless recovery," meaning the results are coming from greater levels of productivity and efficiency, not from adding staff. Simply put, those that didn’t lose their jobs are learning how to do more with less.

Feeling Stressed And Overworked? Watch Your Back!

Meanwhile, employees all over the country are tired and frustrated because they feel they're overworked and maxed-out. 84% of Americans claim they are going to look for a new job when things get better. However, things aren’t getting better for awhile. In the meantime, while you think you are highly productive and therefore, secure in your job, you better think again. Here are three reasons why: If your company can find someone who can do it faster, cheaper and with a better attitude than you may get replaced.

1. Faster

New technology is being introduced every day. In almost every profession imaginable, the ability to leverage technology is being explored as a way to improve productivity. If you aren’t paying attention to the trend and proactively improving your ability to use these technologies, you could end up being ‘too slow’ to do the job.

2. Cheaper

You are not really an employee, you are a business-of-one who has a main client for your revenues. Just like any business, the law of supply-and-demand affects you too. If the market is full of people with your skills and talents who are willing to do the same exact work for less money, you are at risk. So, unless you can prove quantifiably that you are still worth every penny, you better start acquiring new skills or looking for ways to up your value.

3. Better Attitude

While you think you’ve been masking that resentment and not showing your unhappiness, management has been fully aware you aren’t thrilled with them or the company. That’s a problem because it means you are impacting their ability to keep morale up. Yep. You heard me, even though they did the cuts, you are the one creating the environment that doesn’t foster growth. I know. Right now you are saying, "Is she kidding? Does she know what has gone on here?!?" Yes. I do. But management made decisions that hopefully kept your business alive and let you keep your job. Moreover, what has happened is the past. You get to choose how you respond to what’s happened. If you can’t get past it, you can look for a new employer, but will it really be any better? So, while you continue to disengage at work and project a negative attitude, your management team is meeting and considering ways to create a more positive environment – which includes, realigning jobs and bringing in new talent who can do the job faster, cheaper and with a better attitude than you. They might even replace you with more junior people, or people not from the industry, who with a little training and no bad habits or baggage, can join the team fully of fresh energy and a desire to help the company grow. What’s the solution? Learn how to be more productive and less stressed... ASAP!

Your Next Step

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