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5 Common Fears Of Recent Grads

5 Common Fears Of Recent Grads

Life can slap you in the face once you’ve left college. Suddenly, you’ve got real commitments to keep and deadlines to make, you can’t skip classes just because you partied too hard on Tuesday night, and spending every day in sweatpants? Fo’get about it. Related:11 Job Search Commandments For College Grads Sounds pretty dull, huh? But it doesn't have to be! Here are some solutions for these common fears of recent grads:

Fear #1: Being Tired All The Time

It’s weird, isn’t it? You could stay up until the wee hours in the morning, sleep for two hours, and somehow still make it to class for your big presentation. After college, this seems like an unthinkable feat. Why? Because, chances are, you were able to come back after your presentation and snooze for a couple of hours before your next class or activity. Unfortunately, most workplaces haven’t passed a nap time policy yet (unless you work at Google!). So, how do you deal? How can you still go out and have fun without feeling like a zombie at work? Solution: Learn to manage your sleep schedule. Avoid that groggy Monday morning feeling by creating a consistent sleep schedule. As long as you keep your sleep schedule consistent, you will not only sleep better, but you won’t drive to work half-asleep.

Fear #2: Being Too Busy To Go Out With Your Friends

Yes, once you have a full-time job, life can get pretty busy. It can seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you need/want to do. How on earth are you going to be able to go grocery shopping, do your laundry, make dinner, catch up on your favorite shows, take the dog out, spend time with your significant other, read your book, clean the house, go out with your friends, or just spend some time relaxing when all you have is a few hours after work? This seems impossible! Solution: Create a weekly tradition. Whether it’s a Taco Tuesdays, date night on Wednesdays, or bowling on Thursdays, choosing one night during the week to consistently hang out with your friends/significant other is a great way to break up the week. Not only that, but it gives you something to look forward to while you’re at work!

Fear #3: Losing Your Community

Since you were little, you’ve always had the opportunity to meet new people and see your friends on a regular basis – school was a community of people your own age. So, what are you supposed to do after you graduate? How are you supposed to meet new people? Where can you find a new community? Solution: Join an organization, club, or volunteer program. Joining a local club or organization is an awesome way to learn a new skill, meet new people, and just have a little fun after a long day at work. Think about activities you've always wanted to try in college but never got around to doing it. Did you want to try a Zumba class? Fencing? Writing for the local paper? Figure out something cool you want to try and see if it’s offered somewhere near you.

Fear #4: Never Having Any Time To Do Anything, Ever

When you were in school, you got HUGE chunks of time off, and everyone around you had the same time off. Winter vacation, Spring Break, summer vacation… It was awesome, wasn't it? Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly work this way for most of us in the working world. So, how does a recent grad adjust? Solution: Break up your vacation days. Instead of taking the whole week off, take a day here and there. You’ll have a shorter work week and you’ll feel like you’re getting more out of your weekend. Win-win! Feeling guilty about taking time off? Don't you dare! Take advantage of any time off you can get while you’re young. Before you know it, you’ll be knee-deep in life and you won’t be able to just leave on a whim.

Fear #5: Not Being Able To Find A Job

This is probably one of the biggest fears of students and recent grads today. And why wouldn't it be? They're constantly bombarded by negativity about the "real world." Family and friends might say, "The job market is flooded, you're never going to get a job," or "Just get the first job you can find - whether you like it or not - because you've got to pay off those massive student loans with something." Doesn't that make you excited to get out there? I didn't think so. Solution: Sign up for The Happy Grad Project!

Well, good news - they're all wrong. You CAN find a job you love and create a life that makes you happy. If you're worried about your future - not finding a job, not being able to support yourself, or not being happy after college - check out this special project we're doing for recent grads!

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