Are Recruiters Worth The Money?

Are Recruiters Worth The Money?
If you are searching for a new job, you will likely find that competition is tough. In fact, you will probably need something to give you an edge over the competition. That’s where a recruiter comes into play. Related:10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You (But I Will!)But, is a recruiter right for you? It depends.

Pros: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Recruiter

Here are some reasons you might want to use a recruiter in your job search:

1. You get to tap a free service.

They are usually free. That’s right, free. An outside recruiter is commonly hired for and paid for by companies. Although the company pays the bill, the recruiter’s job is to find the best candidate. If that is you, make sure recruiters know it. They have the company’s ear and can help put the best candidates at the top of the interview list. Use this to your advantage.

2. You’re more likely to get connected to a larger company.

Since recruiters cost businesses a hefty sum, they tend to represent larger companies only. If that’s the route you’re after – big brand names and employee figures in the hundreds – then a recruiter may be your in to the large company you’ve had your eye on.

3. You can get a higher salary.

When recruiters make a percentage, rather than a flat fee, they may be more likely to help you negotiate a higher salary. In other words, the more money you make, the more money they make. It is therefore in their best interest to get the candidates they put forward the most money.

4. You will get constant feedback on your job search.

Since recruiters are the go-between between candidates and companies, they have the inside scoop on what employers are looking for these days. They know the trends for the industry you’re after, the titles you want, and they can give you specific, valuable takeaways every time you do not make the cut.

5. You may discover an entirely new career.

Recruiters will likely hold on to your name and information for the future. While they are not career coaches and are not working directly for you, the good ones do take time to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and interests because they know they may need you when another opportunity comes their way. They may actually come back to you with a job opening that’s not exactly what you’re seeking but that may make a good fit for you.

Cons: 5 Reasons You Should Not Use A Recruiter

On the other hand, there are some reasons you might not want to have a recruiter help you. Here are a few:

1. They ask for money.

Be wary of any recruiter that promises to help you for a high fee. Since companies pay for so many recruiters, you should really do your research on any recruiter that wants you to dig into your pocket. This company is more likely a job placement company and not a recruiter. Make sure you have a good understanding of the cost, and how it compares to the salary and job they can actually help deliver.

2. Some “recruiters” are actually scams.

Unfortunately, there are people and companies out there that prey on others during the job search. Just like companies that charge high upfront fees, some may want your personal information only to use it to steal your identity. Be careful about what information you give out and to whom.

3. They are impersonal.

While some people may like that recruiters act as the middleman, the process does prevent you from directly contacting companies yourself. Keep this in mind if you are more interested in making a personal connection with a company from the beginning.

4. They are not necessary for landing a job at a small company.

If you are hoping to land with a small company, you may not need a recruiter at all. Never limit your search to just one recruiter; continue to look for jobs and follow up on leads on your own, to broaden the type of companies where you’ll want to work and that will want to hire you.

5. They are not ideal for career-changers.

Recruiters may not fully “get” you if you’re looking to completely change your career. They are usually more comfortable working with job candidates that fit a particular mold and that have stayed in a certain type of industry or job for awhile. They generally help job seekers and employers make a good match between certain skill sets. If you do not have those skills yet, a recruiter will likely not be able to convince a company to even get you in for an interview, nor will they probably want to. Again, their job is to find the company the very best candidate. There are certain situations where using a recruiter can be a great help toward getting you in the door. But remember it’s your job search and your career; you’re the authority in what’s the best place for you. With a mix of some outside help and your own searching and networking abilities, you should be able to land your next dream job.

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