Adaptive Skills: What Do They Add To A Resume?

For job hunters, adaptive skills are those general skills necessary to transition to, acquire, keep and succeed at any job. They might include dependability, familiarity with technology, ability to work independently and ability to work with others. Related: How To Transform Your Resume From Vintage To Viral These skills are valuable to employers but it is not enough to state that you have them. The best way to highlight your adaptive skills is to show how you used them in your previous jobs and volunteer positions. In periods of full employment, employers know they may not find someone with the exact technical, mechanical or scientific skills they want. They are more likely to select folks who have strong adaptive skills, which allow the company to train the employee for the position. In a period of high unemployment (such as now), companies feel their most economical solution is to wait for the perfect employee who doesn’t need training. However, companies still want but employees with the adaptive skills to fit the company culture and contribute to the company’s bottom line. Thus, it is always important to mention your adaptive skills in the context of your achievements. Your resume should assure a company they are hiring someone who not only has the specific skills the company needs now but also has the adaptive skills to grow in the future. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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