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5 Resume-Boosting Traits Of All Successful Salespeople

A sales representative’s job entails more than just following a script and engaging in ongoing customer interaction. A sales representative must have innate personality traits that go hand in hand with being successful in sales. In addition to having the skills to promote products and the knowledge of the advantages of using the products, a sales professional must naturally represent themselves and the company in the best possible light. Related: Your Resume Is A Sales Document A customer’s first contact with a company is usually with a representative of the company, such as a sales associate. Most potential customers will immediately determine whether they are interested in what a company is offering based upon the initial approach of the sales representative. Consider these five resume-boosting traits of all successful salespeople:

1. Perseverance

An individual who lacks the ability to persevere and reach a goal, such as a daily sales quota or daily sales limit, will not enjoy success in a sales position. Perseverance is a key trait to being successful at persuasion and convincing prospects to buy a product or service. A sales representative has to first believe in the benefits of the product and have the determination to convince others of the benefits. Having the character trait of perseverance also helps sales associates handle rejections, learn from each experience and develop better strategies to overcome objections during a sales pitch or presentation. Bill Gates of Microsoft was initially criticized when he announced the opening of Windows in 1983, but he persevered to become one of the most successful businessmen in America.

2. Generosity

Being a generous individual who believes in serving the community and giving value to others is a distinctive trait that successful sales representatives possess. You see, it can’t always be about the bottom line; customers want to know that they’re dealing with compassionate and generous people, and salespeople who can’t develop these traits are quickly turned away. One example of a company who has built a strong salesforce of generous, successful sales people is Vivint, a home automation company. Devin Thorpe, a writer for Forbes, recently said this of CEO Todd Pedersen and his salesforce, “Todd has mastered the art of team building, recruiting both experienced and high potential sales associates, compensating them remarkably well and motivating them to achieve dramatic results.” It's no wonder Vivint reviews have stayed so positive with a sales leader like Pedersen. It goes to show that sales is about getting the sale, but it's also about being generous to your company, team, and customers.

3. Outgoing Personality

An outgoing and sociable personality is an important trait to being a successful sales representative. Many sales departments focus on training their employees to provide friendly, personable services to customers. But sales is moving outside the realm of face-to-face. Social media is a key niche of sales pitching, branding, and sales marketing. For example, Koka Sexton, Social Media Manager Marketing of Linkedin has driven sales and brand awareness to his company using Twitter and other social media sites. Sales is going social, and it's time you jumped on the bandwagon.

4. Confidence

Confidence is an attribute that is consistent among all sales professionals. A sales representative must be confident in his ability to convince others to invest in a company’s products. If an individual lacks confidence, he or she is likely to lose a sale. Most customers are more willing to listen to a confident person who truly believes in the value of a particular product or service versus an individual who recites a sales script without sincerity or assurance. Also, many potential customers will try a product or service because of the high confidence levels of the sales rep.

5. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm may be the most important trait of a successful salesperson. A sales professional must enjoy the process of engaging in customer interactions and approach each prospective customer with a positive, upbeat disposition. Being excited and eager to offer services or products to customers is one of the first steps in gaining the initial attention of a prospect.

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