The Secret To Attracting Any Job You Want

What if I told you that you could have any job you want based on one simple formula? RELATED: 4 Ways To Balance Your Job Search That your world would open if you understood this truth: How desirable you are in the job marketplace… The number of opportunities available to you.. And even the amount you get paid… Is all based on “Perceived Value.” It’s all about how employers view the amount of value you provide.

The Formula For Attracting Any Job You Want

When I first learned this formula from a brilliant marketer named Frank Kern, my mind was blown. Understanding this changes everything. Here’s the formula:

Practical Value + Intrinsic Value = Total Perceived Value

Most people don’t know this, but increasing your Total Perceived Value is the secret to attracting any job you want. So let’s break it down and see why it will help you become irresistible to employers and empower you to get any job you want. Practical value is what you do as your trade. For instance, Frank uses the example of a car. A car’s practical value is that it gets you from “A to B.” You can put stuff in it, it might ride well, and it will get you where you want to be faster than if you walk there. So your practical value might be fighting fires, architecting buildings, or healing patients. Society has assigned a practical value to each of these activities, and for the most part, there’s not much you can do NOW to increase your practical value. Except for increase your skill and experience level, of course. However, “Intrinsic Value” is where things get interesting. This is the subjective realm that you can quickly boost in order to make yourself more attractive and get what you want.

How To Boost Your “Intrinsic Value” & Become Magnetic

Let’s walk through the concept of Intrinsic Value by continuing Frank’s example. If the practical value of a car is getting you from A to B, then the Intrinsic Value of the car is how it’s positioned and presented. For instance, a Rolls Royce costs about 300% more than a BMW, despite the fact that BMW owns Rolls Royce and use many of the same elements in both cars. The main differences are cosmetic… BUT here’s the kicker. If you drive a Rolls, then it tells people that you’re a success. People notice you. And that’s because of the price tag, and the positioning of the brand. You have a brand too. And just like Rolls positioned them as superior to BMW, there are ways for you to position yourself so your Intrinsic Value goes through the roof… ...Increasing demand by employers for you. And giving you more opportunities than ever before.

Tricks For Boosting Your Personal Brand

The key to all of this is really psychology. It’s subtle differences in how people see you, which you can control, that make the biggest difference in your Perceived Value. So here are the keys to positioning your personal brand from one of the best marketers in the world. You want to position yourself as:
  • Exclusive
  • Rare
  • Different
  • Exciting
  • Original
  • Contrarian, and
  • Popular
And in order to do this, these elements have to already be in place when recruiters and employers start looking for you. This is not something that you can put together in a rush as you’re applying for 100 jobs at a time. This subject is so big that an entire class could be taught on it… but here are a few key points:
  1. It’s now common knowledge that the first thing employers and recruiters do is Google you. So the BEST place to position yourself is online. You can do this through social media like Facebook or LinkedIn, and ideally, you have your own website and blog.
  2. Educating people establishes authority and passion, and gives you the opportunity to share original and contrarian opinions. You can do this on any online platform by giving your perspective on an article, or ideally, posting your own thoughts on social media or your blog.
  3. Get clear on what you stand for and against, and use that to authentically and confidently express yourself whenever an opportunity to position yourself in front of people comes up.
That’s all I can squeeze into this article, however, there’s more high-value info on finding the best companies to work for, getting their attention, and landing the job in this free video here. Cheers to boosting your perceived value. This post was originally published at an earlier date. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by a CAREEREALISM-approved expert. You can learn more about expert posts here. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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