#1 Secret To Making New Friends As An Adult

#1 Secret To Making New Friends As An Adult

Although it can come naturally for some, making new friends as an adult can be difficult for many. Have you ever wondered why some people are always surrounded by friends who care about them, help them, and support them, while others feel isolated and alone? Have you ever wondered why it seems so natural and effortless for them to be social? The difference is that they have friends that know each other. Instead of having individual friends, you should absolutely introduce people to each other and form groups. Even small groups of friends make a world of difference to your social life, here is why…

Networking 101 Doesn’t Get You Real Friends

Simple networking, as often described, consists of connecting with interesting people and staying in touch. It’s a great start, but all it gets you is a list of acquaintances that you can’t really call “friends.” Of those people, 90% won’t even come to your birthday! When you introduce two people to each other, you create a group of three. That’s when the magic starts; you are no longer acquaintances, you’re a group of friends. All of a sudden, they get more involved, you hear from them more often, and they want to hang out a lot more.

You No Longer Have To Do All The Work

Having friends requires you to keep calling and reaching out to have their attention. When you form groups of friends, you no longer have to work at it. The people in your new group of friends will also be contacting and making plans. When people think of going out and socializing, they instinctively think of the groups they belong to. They don’t think of that one person they have a one-on-one friendship with. They figure that they can always see him or her later around coffee or something; but when it’s time to be social and have fun, they mostly prefer groups. When you create a group, you’re on the best possible position - you’re the one who gets called and contacted. People know that they’ll be meeting you in the context of a group, which means that the experience will be more fun and interesting.

You Meet New Friends Without Lifting A Finger

When you introduce friends to each other and form a group, they too start bringing new people to the group. They don’t do that as often when they’re only meeting you. This helps you get to meet your friends’ friends who are very likely to be as interesting as your current friends, if not more. There is no easier way to meet new people; you get introduced and quickly build your social circle. Your friends’ friends are also enthusiastic to meet you; they anticipate that there are good chances they’ll get along with you. And since most people aren’t very pro-active in their social life, they’ll be very happy to be included in your group.

People Start To See You As A Valuable And Generous Person

As you may know, a big part of being social is offering some kind of value. Well, introducing people to each other is a great way to add value to the people that you meet. Bringing a new friend in someone’s life is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Successful people are very sensitive to whether a person is a giver or a taker of value. They certainly don’t want to be around selfish people who only want to benefit from them. When they see that you’re open about making introductions and helping people meet, they instinctively put you in the giver category (you get kind of a special treatment). When that happens, they know that they can help you, support you, and introduce you to other people. They just assume you deserve it.

You Always Have Weekend And Birthday Love

When you introduce people to each other and form groups, you start to always have interesting and fun things to do. People start to wonder ‘what group activities can we do?’ and come up with great ideas for fun experiences, adventures, travels, and so on. This will make sure that you’ll always be having fun during weekend, holidays, birthday parties, and so on. Introducing people to each other is an important part of having a great social life, I recommend that you learn about friendship and how it works. That way, you’ll get all the parts in place to have the friendship life you always wanted.

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