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Don't have anything to showoff on your resume as a recent grad? Trying to change careers and don't have enough relevant experience? No problem. You can use this simple trick to get a job when you don't have any experience...

The biggest challenge with not having experience is that employers will take one look at your resume before tossing it into the trash. As a job seeker, this is certainly frustrating. And, it's probably happening to you now if you're reading this. You have to get a job in order to get experience, yet you need experience to get a job... it's the age-old conundrum. So, what can you do to avoid this? The solution is to have conversations with people before you show them your resume. Connecting with someone before you even apply will give you a leg up in the process. Get out there and meet people. Identify what companies you want to work for and start connecting with employees and having conversations. However, don't ask for a job. Instead, ask for advice. Set up informational interviews and ask what it takes to earn a job at that company - SOMEDAY. When you have these kinds of conversations, people can see your personality, your enthusiasm, and your passion for a specific field. They can also see that you're taking initiative. All of this can help you land a job there. This happens all of the time. That's why networking is such a critical part of job search, especially when you have no experience. So, even if you feel like you have nothing to offer employers in terms of experience, you CAN make up for it with your personality and initiative.

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