15 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Resume In 30 Minutes Or Less

15 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Resume In 30 Minutes Or Less

How would you feel if you possessed a nicely polished resume that projects and elevates your level of professionalism? More confident? More positive? I bet! Related:Checklist To Determine If Your Resume Is Boring Crafting a dynamic resume that is also a great selling tool is more time-consuming than 30 minutes. Yet, with the following quick and easy visual and marketing ‘styleover’ tips, you will begin to distinguish yourself from the job search mob in half an hour! That sounds good. Doesn't it?

1. Check Spacing

Check spacing and make sure your page margins are set to at least a .07 all around. This will not only ensure your resume is inviting but also that it meets universal printing standards (abating printing issues).

2. Style Your Name

Bold your name and enlarge the font to 16 pt. or 18 pt. Also, centering your name is a great way to make immediate impact.

3. Separate Contact Information

Separate your personal contact information with a bullet or divider, providing great visual appeal and easy e-mail and phone number identification.

4. Add Target Job Title

Add your target Job Title to introduce your Summary or Profile instead of the more common labels such as “Qualifications Profile or just Summary.” This will help you add a great resume keyword right at the top and will lend to your expert image/ brand.

5. Edit your Summary Or Profile

Ensure sentences end quickly, combine ideas, and try to limit this introductory paragraph to five to six lines. This will help create a nice crisp look and you will deliver your marketing message more clearly.

6. Remove Orphan Words

Go through the rest of your resume and remove all orphan words (words left on a line by themselves). This just causes an unorganized look and it really isn’t necessary.

7. Bold Sections

Bold resume sections (Employment, Education, etc.) and enlarge the font size to 14 pt. This will nicely separate the areas of your resume and guide readers through.

8. Group Job Accountabilities Together

Group job accountabilities together in a paragraph form, separating from achievements. Keep the number of sentences to no more than six. People lose interest when paragraphs are long-winded. Plus, long sentences and paragraphs makes it easier for your message to become convoluted.

9. Separate Your Achievements

Separate your achievements (how you actually performed and the results you generated) from the job description. Bullet them to no more than five to six bullets; any more than that will look too busy and unwelcoming to the reader.

10. Use Action Words

Ensure you have begun all bulleted sentences with action verbs.

11. Make Sure Everything Matches

Make sure all your bullets line up and match! Inconsistency screams sloppiness and conveys unprofessionalism.

12. Delete Hobbies

Eliminate any hobbies or personal information (picture, marital status, age, religious associations). These do not belong on your resume.

13. Read It Out Loud

Read the entire resume aloud to catch awkward phrases and errors. As you read aloud, analyze if what you have just read is relevant to your new career target, if not - remove it!

14. Make Sure Your Second Page Is 1/3 Full

If you have created a second page, make sure it's at least a third full. There is no excuse for a second page with just a few lines on it.

15. Remove "References Available Upon Request"

Remove the phrase, References Available Upon Request—this is very antiquated and unnecessary. Now, get to work! Invest time in preparing a resume that you have polished, in turn, fortifying your professional image. Can you list a few of your favorite resume polishing tips?

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