4 Tips To Spruce Up Your Resume

A young professional updates her resume.

Perhaps you've found your dream job opportunity, but you aren't quite ready to apply yet. Your resume still needs updating and you're not sure where to start.

You may be feeling frustrated and uninspired as you face the oh, so dreaded resume update. But, don't let that get in the way of landing your dream job. We've got you covered with four tips to spruce up your resume.

Show, Don't Tell

Manager uses graphs to show important workplace data.


Although it may be easier to copy and paste job descriptions under your past work experience, recruiters won't get anything from this. Rather, you should show what you accomplished in that position.

For example, instead of saying, "My role in this position consisted of outreach on behalf of the company" say, "In this role, I reached out to over 150 organizations with a 65% response rate and was able to create meaningful connections on behalf of the company."

By wording your work experience descriptions in this way, you are showing a recruiter the positive impact you had on the company you worked for, rather than telling them the job description.

Just because you had previous work experience doesn't mean you contributed to the company. Let them see the hard work you poured into each position and the contributions you've made. Make them want you to be a part of their team!

Update! Update! Update!

Earning a master's degree is an important accomplishment that you should add to your resume.


Omitting new information on your resume is such a disservice to yourself. We all sacrifice time and energy to advance our education or gain more work experience—show that off!

Have you done an online course for certification? Note it! Have you picked up a side-hustle? Note it! Have you gone back to school? Note it!

Make sure your resume notes all relevant and up-to-date information so you put your best foot forward with an application. Employers should see all of your hard work.

Streamline For Each Application

Young professional takes notes about a position that she is applying for.


Although it is so important to constantly be updating your resume with new information, make sure you are only including content relevant to the specific position you are applying for.

Maybe some of your past work experience isn't applicable for the position—exclude it! Recruiters prefer concise resumes with content and experience that best fits the position you are applying for.

Tailoring your resume to each position you apply for is more time consuming, but it is definitely worth it. When you take the time to do this, employers will see more clearly how you are suited for the position.

Double—No, Triple Check Everything

You know the heart-sinking feeling of submitting something and then realizing after there's a typo? Many can relate to this. Avoid this at all costs with a resume.

Typos and grammatical errors speak loudly for your professionalism and attention to detail. Often, employers will push resumes with technical mistakes right to the side.

Make sure your sentence structure and verb tenses stay consistent throughout the resume. Also, take the time to get a second set of eyes on it. Sometimes looking at something for too long can cause you to miss minute mistakes that someone else can easily find and correct.

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