Success Wall: Gina Got A New Job After Moving To A New City

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Meet Gina...

Name: Gina Kokoska Age: 27 Title: Office Administrator I am in my late twenties and have a bachelor degree. When I finished university, I had a hard time finding work. I decided to go overseas and volunteer, and when I returned home, I had my first "career break." I since moved to a new city I found it hard to break into the new job market.

Her Goals

I wanted to find work that in an organization that contributed to the community. I have a degree in international relations, so I had a good understanding of how non-for-profit organizations worked. I have always promoted my degree's focus on community building and understanding of non-for-profits. My goal was to find a place of employment that was a non-for-profit that gave something back to the community.

Her Challenges

I had moved to a new city after my contract ended with my first career job. I was excited about the prospects of work in a more vibrant area, but I soon found out that you needed a lot of connections to get employment. I signed up for some temp agencies but I didn't find them to be very helpful. In my search for employment I sought out job seeking advice and came across the CAREEREALISM website. I think this was really a turning point for me in my job search. I started volunteering and networking, and using the tips from the website to aid in my job search.

Her "Aha" Moment

After reading the articles on the website, I started taking the advice and changed the way in which I applied for jobs. Instead of applying for any job that came up, I started focusing my time on apply for jobs that met my criteria - jobs I knew I could find satisfaction in. I took the advice of tailoring my resume to each job and really selling myself in my cover letter. I updated my LinkedIn and started networking. After apply for a few more jobs I secured an interview. This is when it got really interesting. The day after my interview I had been at my volunteer position that I had taken up to keep my skills current. I was invited to attend an event and accepted the offer which was something I had not done in the past. At the event, the two women who interviewed me had been there. It was prefect. Taking the advice I found on CAREEREALISM and going outside my comfort zone helped me secure my position. They were very impressed with my interview, my follow up e-mail, and the fact that I was out networking.

Her Success

I got the job! I was offered the position as Office Administrator in an employment support organization! Now, I tell all our clients about this website and the useful tips you provide! I am very happy in my new position and see great career opportunities moving forward.

Congratulations, Gina!

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