Success Wall: James Got The PR Internship!

Success Wall: James Got The PR Internship!
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Meet James...

Name: James Mignano Age: 21 Title: Public Relations Intern I'm a Communication student at The College at Brockport with a passion for digital technology, building relationships and continuous education.

His Goals

During my freshman year of college, I was enrolled in an introductory public relations course. At the start, I'm not sure that I knew what PR stood for. By the end of the semester, though, it was obvious that I would pursue a career in it. I specifically hoped to attain a position in a global agency responsible for innovation in the field of public relations.

His Challenges

The biggest challenge in reaching my goal was the difficulty of breaking into the public relations industry in the Rochester, NY area. Obviously a much smaller market than others like New York City, there are only a handful of public relations agencies that could provide the ability to reach my goal. Furthermore, internship positions at those agencies are exclusively given to upper-class students who have already had professional experience.

His "Aha" Moment

I knew from the start that my goal would require long-term planning and dedication in order to be achieved. I needed to build my professional experience, develop a portfolio of related work and network with professionals in the field over the course of my Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years of college.

How He Did It

I did four things that helped me get to where I am today: 1. Completed Internships I acquired internship positions that required less experience than one at a global PR agency would. These included both paid and unpaid, part-time and full-time positions with Break the Ice Media, The College at Brockport's Communication Department, George Eastman House and Carestream Health. 2. Became An Active Member Of Student-Run Organizations I developed leadership qualities through student-run organizations at college. Throughout my time at Brockport, I was a very active member of the Brockport PR Club as well as Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Department's honor society. 3. Attended Professional Organizations I became a regular attender of relevant professional organization meetings. Meeting and networking with members of the Public Relations Society of America and the American Marketing Association proved to be very valuable, opening up additional opportunities and allowing me to be more visible to experts in the Rochester public relations space. 4. Created An Online Presence I displayed my thought-leadership and technical abilities by creating and maintaining an online presence. I built a personal web-page from scratch using HTML and CSS. To provide evidence of my search-engine-optimization knowledge, the website's domain is Additionally, I have regularly published content to my blog at to discuss current trends and hot topics within the industry.

His Success

In May of 2013, I began my internship at Text100, a global communication agency! With four offices in North America and many more around the globe, it truly has the reach and recognition that I had hoped to be a part of. Not only that - the agency specializes in digital technologies, working with clients like IBM, Lenovo, and Xerox. Text100 is a perfect fit for me!

Congratulations, James!

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