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With increasing competition for entry-level jobs, the pressure of student loans, and the excitement of getting your first job, it can be tempting to fire a shotgun blast of resumes out into the world, and accept the first offer that comes your way. Related: 10 Rules For Starting Your New Job On The Right Foot But wouldn't it suck if after all that effort you wound up getting a job you despised within a month of being there? Then you're back to square 1, or worse yet… you decide to stick it out for a while, and wind up having a stress-induced quarter-life crisis to rival the Justin Biebers of the world… What if you put down the shotgun, and instead grabbed a sniper rifle? You load it up, survey the scene carefully and intentionally, and wisely choose the best target available… firing only once, and making a perfect shot. Most likely, everyone you know is relying on the shotgun approach… but you can be a sniper, and snag your dream job with an awesome company. Here's how…

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June 2015 officially marked the third year I’ve worked full-time for CAREEREALISM Media. I’ve had lots of success here - I spearheaded my very first content campaign, I wrote my very first ebook, and - with the knowledge I acquired from this job - I wrote an article on LinkedIn that received over 600,000 views. It’s been a crazy, awesome ride (to say the least). RELATED: Need some career advice? Watch these tutorials! In honor of my third work anniversary, I’ve gathered the three most important lessons my boss taught me about success. Here they are:

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