Top 4 Tech Companies People Will Kill To Work For

Top 4 Tech Companies People Will Kill To Work For
Tech companies always have gotten a lot of positive press for all of their perks for their employees. That's one of the big reasons that there are so many people who would kill to work at some of these companies. They also boast about great salaries, health care, and tuition reimbursement (up to $12,000 a year in some cases). Some of the perks are just cool, such as free meals, haircuts, bocce courts, and bowling alleys. Other perks are seriously impressive and beneficial, such as five months of maternity leave and salary benefits to your spouse/partner for life if you die. If you are a techie, these are four of the top companies people will kill to work for, according to a recent survey by Business Insider:

1. Google

You probably would not be surprised at many of the benefits at Google, based in Mountain View, CA. They include:
  • Free hairstyling and haircuts
  • Free gourmet meals, three times per day
  • High tech, super clean toilets
  • Five months of maternity leave at full pay
  • Median pay of $119,000
However, one of the biggest and unreal benefits at the tech giant is this: If a US employee at Google dies while they are working there, the surviving spouse or partner earns a check of FIFTY PERCENT of your salary for every year for the next 10 years. Even more shocking is the fact that there is no tenure requirement for this amazing perk, which means that most of Google’s 34,000 employees qualify right away. This program was initiated in 2011. In addition to the 10 year payment package, the surviving partner or spouse has all stock vested immediately, and any children who are left receive $1000 a month from Google until their 19th birthday. The reason Google is #1 for us is that unlike most other cool perks that tech companies offer, this one offers no real, hard return for the company. Most other perks help to increase happiness and productivity of current employees, but this one is entirely an act of corporate good will.

2. Qualcomm

This telecommunications company is based in San Diego, and routinely earns high marks for job satisfaction, flexibility and meaningfulness. The perks are really nice, as well. They include the following:
  • Great workout facilities: It is reported that there are - get ready - 15 gyms at the San Diego main offices. They include weights, basketball courts, swimming pools, sand volleyball court, and many classes, including yoga. Going to work at Qualcomm? You can cancel your gym membership.
  • Farm stand: You can buy locally grown fruit, vegetables and flowers, among other things. A very convenient way to do some of your shopping, and to help the environment.
  • Charitable contributions: Qualcomm actually will match your charitable contributions - one for one. The company also will match your volunteer hours with a charitable donation.
  • Other miscellaneous perks: free soda, tuition reimbursement, flex schedules, casual dress, heated swimming pool, mobile massage spa, free tickets, free work shuttle, fantastic cafeteria.
And last, the median salary at Qualcomm is $106,000. Not shabby!

3. Yahoo!

People who work at Yahoo!, based in Sunnyvale, CA, are expected to work hard, but the Internet giant definitely offers plenty of great perks. Yahoo! workers consistently report a high rate of relaxation, flexibility and satisfaction in their jobs. Median pay is great at $120,000. Some of the awesome perks that you’d kill for include:
  • On site fitness centers, including yoga, cardio kickboxing, pilates and golf classes.
  • Free work shuttle
  • Free sodas and drinks
  • On site spa and massages
  • On site dry cleaning, hair cuts, dental care and oil changes
  • Free smart phones - Blackberries recently got the axe at the company, and Yahoo! will pay for your iPhone now.
  • Free gourmet meals at work
Company picnics are also very frequent at Yahoo!, and they often have visits from famous speakers. Did we say famous? Yes, we did. For example, as part of its Influential Speaker Series, Yahoo! has had speakers that include Tom Cruise, and Deepak Chopra, among many others.

4. Microsoft

Based in Redmond, WA, Microsoft is very well known for its great company culture and its pay - median salaries weigh in at $111,000. Some of the most amazing perks at this tech giant include:
  • Outstanding health care: It’s been reported that Microsoft’s PPO plan requires no co-pays and you pay nothing out of pocket for the insurance. There was a story of one worker who blew out his knee when he worked there and paid zero for his surgery. That’s how good their health insurance is. The firm also offers doctor house calls (what?! yes.), and free on-campus health screenings and flu shots.
  • Great fitness center: Microsoft has great workout facilities on its campus, but it also offers a free membership to Pro Sports Club, one of the biggest gyms in the US. There is a whopping $5000 initiation fee and a $100 or so monthly cost that Microsoft pays for.
  • Microsoft Prime Card: This discount card offers you big discounts at thousands of online retailers and restaurants.
  • Free Microsoft Connector work shuttle.
  • Microsoft Commons: This is a Microsoft shopping mall on the campus. There are about 30 food vendors, and tons of different shops. You can get your haircut, visit an organic spa, buy groceries, a bike, pay your smart phone bill, banking. You name it.
  • Mid year career review: Your supervisor conducts not just a year-end review with you, but also a mid year review that goes over your career goals. You get to have a say in where your career is heading at Microsoft, and you can plan with your boss how to achieve your goals.
There’s just no doubt that if you work in technology, working for one of these great companies is the thing to do. You might need to improve your technology or business skills to get hired by one of these industry leaders - the competition is fierce - but anything is possible with hard work and talent, right? If you land a job in one of these companies people will kill to work for, you certainly earned it. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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