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Today, you hear a lot around the concept of "personal branding" and the need to promote yourself.

But, most of us don't want to look like a narcissistic pontificator. Unfortunately, as a result, lots of people are hurting their careers by failing to showcase themselves properly as a practitioner in their profession.

In this video, J.T. explains why knowing how to properly position yourself as a practitioner is one of the most important things you can do for your career. Especially, on platforms like LinkedIn. Otherwise, you put your career at risk during times of change. Your network is your network. Which means, knowing the right way to teach you network about your skills and abilities is the secret to getting (and keeping!) the best job opportunities.

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Learn how to land a career you love

We've all been there. At some point, we are finally "done" with our current employer and make the decision to hunt for a new job. That's just the nature of the beast—we get hired, we get excited, we have a honeymoon phase, we work hard, and, slowly, the glow wears off. Next employer, please.

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If you're an executive or somebody in a leadership position, you have an executive presence. Your executive presence is your reputation. It's what people think when you walk into a room, and what they say about you when you're not in the room.

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Being able to clearly define your value proposition can be hugely successful for a business, providing them a significant competitive advantage. Here are three steps to develop your value proposition.

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