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5 Things Recruiters Expect On A LinkedIn Profile

5 Things Recruiters Expect On A LinkedIn Profile


Recruiters are using LinkedIn extensively these days to find candidates for their jobs.

Why? They are sick of posting jobs only to have their inbox overwhelmed with applications from unqualified candidates.

So, they opt to not post their open positions and instead reach out directly to professionals on LinkedIn whose profiles match what they are looking for. Which means, if you aren’t creating a profile that speaks to what recruiters are looking for, then you are missing out on possible job opportunities.

Find out how to generate one of these profiles by watching our FREE webinar called, “5 Things Recruiters Expect on a LinkedIn Profile.”




Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Five things recruiters expect to see on your profile – or they won’t call you
  • How to create a profile in less than 30 minutes that will increase your chance of being called by a recruiter
  • Mistakes you are making (and probably don’t realize) that are telling a recruiter NOT to contact you
  • Proactive measures you can take to get the attention of recruiters in your industry

Don’t miss this session on the best way to use LinkedIn to get recruiters contacting you.

Your next job awaits, but only if your profile meets recruiter standards!

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