How To Throw An Amazing Office Holiday Party

How To Throw An Amazing Office Holiday Party

Company holiday parties give the employees an opportunity to relax and have fun with the other co-workers - without having to face the regular pressure that they feel at the office. Even if it doesn’t compare to the relaxation you feel when taking a vacation, it’s still a great way to bond with each other and have a good time without forgetting it’s still an office activity. Throwing a great company holiday party doesn’t really take much - as long as you know what kind of theme or idea you want to go with. In the following article, we discuss a few seasonal office holiday party ideas...

Summer Party

Before you plan the party, have a word with your boss so that you can confirm the budget, how big the summer party will be and if families will be able to attend. A great way to have a summer office party is to have a picnic in the park. Talk to your boss and suggest him/her to announce Friday as a “half day” and have all the workers meet at a park that is nearest to the office. People are more likely to bring some good food for this picnic when they know they’re going to get an afternoon off. If there’s no office near the park then you can have a nice rooftop party, having fun in the summer breeze. As far as the entertainment is concerned, you can book a DJ or a live band if it fits in the budget.

Halloween Party

While everybody is getting ready to party during the Halloween night, why don’t you throw one during the day at the office? It’s one of the most fun things you can do! Start by sending an invite to everybody and coming up with a nice, spooky theme that’s associated with your company. Inform your co-workers that they should all come dressed in an Halloween costume! There are too many costume vendors to count, especially online ones like, Spirit Haloween, or Party City! Next, head over to the grocery store and get lots of candy, chips and dip, snack trays, drinks and foods. On Halloween, make sure you decorate the room where the party will take place. Decorate it with fake spiders, cobwebs and other Halloween decorations. Finally, set up the food/drinks table and put on a CD with popular Halloween hits.

Christmas Party

First off, go ahead and choose the location/date of the Christmas party you’re going to throw in the office. It’s a good idea to have the employees take a small survey to know who all are available. Once you’re done with that, create your invitations that you should send out at least one month before the scheduled party. Keeping your office’s budget in mind, buy some creative decorations and plan for some nice music by hiring DJ or booking a musical act in advance. As far as the food and drinks are concerned, choose between a sit down dinner and a buffet style, which again depends on your office budget. And don’t forget to include some fun games. Plan to have at least 3-4 activities for the party such as having some type of contest (Best Christmas Costume for example). This year, don't let the opportunity for some great employee-company bonding pass you by - take advantage of some great holiday parties this year for the office and give the people some fun experiences to talk about. Photo Credit: Shutterstock