Man creates video for Work It Daily's TikTok account

Work It Daily is looking to hire a social media pro to create content for our TikTok account. Does that sound like you?

Get Hired To Create TikToks For Work It Daily! 


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Work It Daily's TikTok account is about to break 400,000 followers. We need someone charismatic and entertaining to record 60-second videos to help people unlock our site's potential.

The best part? This is a paid gig!

The person who is selected to create TikToks for us will be paid on a per TikTok basis. So, if you love creating TikToks and can help us get the word out, then here's what you should do...

How To Apply...


##duet with @photojoejoe Does your career lack purpose? ##joblife ##careeradvice ##careertiktok ##pupose ##jobs ##jobsearch ##caree@workitdaily

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Go over to Work It Daily's TikTok account, watch a few of our recent videos (because you'll see how we use the "Green Screen" effect to feature the articles on our website), and then create a TikTok and send it to J.T. O'Donnell, Work It Daily's founder and CEO.

If you're the person for the job, we will hire you! So, what are you waiting for? Create a video on TikTok to audition for the job today!

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Teacher lectures students in a classroom

My grandparents owned a two-story walkup in Brooklyn, New York. When I was a child, my cousins and I would take turns asking each other questions, Trivial Pursuit style. If we got the question correct, we moved up one step on the staircase. If we got the question wrong, we moved down one step. The winner was the person who reached the top landing first. While we each enjoyed serving as the “master of ceremonies on 69th Street,” peppering each other with rapid-fire questions, I enjoyed the role of maestro the most of all my cousins. I suppose I was destined to be an educator.

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