3 Tips To Land Your Dream Job

3 Tips To Land Your Dream Job

Have you ever asked yourself, "How do I get the job of my dreams?" Have you ever thought of not getting just a job but the job that suits you and the job you have always dreamed of? Forget what anyone has told you before, like that you need to settle for just a job or that you can't get it all because it’s competitive in the job market. You can get the job of your dreams by following these three smart steps.

Ask Yourself What You Can Do

Forget about what your CV says or what you learned in school. Nowadays, many employees are doing great at a field that is entirely different from what they studied in college. Look inside yourself. What is that thing you can do best without any supervision or external motivation? Can you write, draw or do you like balancing the books? You should focus much more of your time on what you know you can do well. If you are good at what you study in school, then you have a great head start. The idea behind knowing what you can do is that you need to differentiate yourself from the rest of job seekers who just shoot their resumes and cover letters for just any job around. You’ve got to be a smart job seeker. Don't be like everyone else, who think they need to send applications everywhere there is a job opening, thinking they can get their dream job that way. Instead, that method gives a false feeling of doing something when in reality, they are doing less than they could to get a good job. Not every job will be yours, and you can’t be qualified for all of them, but by knowing what exactly you can do well can save you a lot of time. Focus on the jobs that fit what you do best and just ignore the other jobs. Not all employers will want your services. So go for the employers that need someone with your expertise instead.

Ask Yourself Where Your Strengths Are Needed:

Can you write? If so, a newspaper or publishing company may be interested in what you do. Maybe balancing the books is what you do best. You could make a successful CPA, so look for the accounting firms around you. Look around and you will see many firms, companies and organizations that need that one thing you do well and these places are just where you dream job is hiding. You'll have to dig deep to find them sometimes, but the more research you have on those companies, the more you'll know about their culture.

Craft The Best Job Marketing Pitch For Yourself:

Knowing what you can do and where your strengths are needed is just the beginning of the story. Using them to craft yourself a badass job marketing pitch that won’t have any option other than to help you land your dream job. But stop there! An effective job marketing pitch is NOT about you. It's about the company where you dream job is hiding. Nobody cares about what you study or the number of honors you graduated with, but your hiring manager will listen to one station: WII FM – What's In It For Me? All you need now is to write a marketing pitch that features what value you can add to your prospective employer. Find a problem that you can solve and the reason why the hiring manager needs to hire you over anyone else. Remember to sell yourself as a solution to your prospective employer. Here are some tips on how to write a good job marketing pitch.
  • Make it all about your prospective employer. The hiring manager will care less about who you are and more about what you can do to help his or her firm. They'll be smiling at you for showing them the difference.
  • Write down the entire problem you can solve, what value you can bring to the table and the main reason you need to be hired rather than other job seeker like you.
  • Make it short. Nobody will be interested about the story of how you graduated from your college with the best GPA. Make it short and make it straight to the point.
  • Ask for an interview! Yes, you read that right. Ask for an interview at the end of your job brief. If you are really sure of what you can offer, then go for the kill and ask for an interview. This is why you are taking your time to write this in the first place: to get you an interview that will give you the chance of really meeting the hiring manager to hear you out on why he need to hire you.
And after doing all of these, what next? An interview of course! If you have followed these three smart steps, you should be on your way to securing that interview with your prospective employer. And if you get one, then go and tell the hiring manager the main reason why he or she needs to hire you. Note that these three tips aren’t all about applying for job that is advertised alone. Forget about if your prospective employer has a job opening or not. All you need to think of is the value you can add for them. This has worked for me before. Who else won’t love to listen to someone that can add value for them? I guess you won’t mind that and if so, your future employer won’t mind that either. Try this and see what happens. Go the smart way and forget what you have been told before (that you need to shoot your CV all around for every job you can think of). Go out there and get the job of your dreams. If you like these tips or your have others to share, let me know in the comment box below. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:   Photo Credit: Shutterstock