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Top 5 Healthcare Careers For High School Graduates

Top 5 Healthcare Careers For High School Graduates

If you are interested in working in the healthcare industry but don't have a college degree, no problem! There are several positions in the healthcare industry that do not require a formal college education. As long as you are a high school graduate, you have the schooling needed to apply for these careers. Related:5 Awesome Healthcare Careers With Salaries Over 100k Here are some healthcare careers that are perfect for high school graduates:

1. Medical Assistant

Choosing a career as a Medical Assistant will provide you plenty of opportunities to help patients and family members. It can be a very exciting and rewarding career if you enjoy helping others. In this position, you will perform a variety of tasks from taking patient history to drawing blood. While this position does not require a college degree, some tasks such as blood drawing may require you to attend a Medical Assistant course, which will teach you how to do such procedures.

2. Home Health Aide

Being a Home Health Aide allows you to provide the security and the care for people who are unable to care for themselves, or need an extra hand in the process. In this position, you may have only one client that you spend the majority of your time with, or you may have several clients. Your daily tasks may also vary from patient to patient, as each one will have varying degrees of abilities. While you may choose to receive a certification as a Home Health Aide, nothing formal is required.

3. Nursing Assistant

A Nursing Assistant plays a vital role in providing important care for patients. In this position, you may be asked to help a person bathe, help them to eat, be a listening ear or record vital signs. Nurse's in general are too busy attending to the medical needs of patients that they rarely have time for the one on one interaction that is important to the patient and their families. As a Nursing Assistant, you will provide that personal care that patients may not receive from nurses. No formal education is required; however, you may choose to take a course offered by the Red Cross.

4. Pharmacy Technician

As a Pharmacy Technician, you will be assisting Pharmacists in a variety of duties. You may help to dispense accurate medication for customers, explain medication information to patients; show them how to use medical devices properly as well as talking with doctors and insurance companies. Your working environment as a Pharmacy Technician may vary from working in a retail pharmacy (such as in a hospital or grocery store) to providing educational programs for patients.

5. Emergency Medical Technician

Choosing a career as an EMT is a good choice for those who are interested in helping others and who have a desire for an adrenaline rush. During a typical shift as an EMT, you may be doing paperwork or restocking an ambulance. However, in a moment’s notice you could be on your way to saving a life from a car accident or helping victims of fire as well as numerous other scenarios. This position varies immensely in the day-to-day work you will be doing. While no formal education is required to become an EMT, you must have the ability to think on your feet and distance yourself from certain situations. Choosing a healthcare-related career is not for everyone. However, if you have a desire to help people in various situations, this may be the right career field for you to consider. After you get into a healthcare-related career and decide you like it, you may be interested in going back to school to find a higher paying health care career. Follow your dreams and achieve success!

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