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Forget Love. When It Comes To Creative Collaboration, All You Need Is TRUST.

Creative professionals/filmmakers collaborate on a project

Wearing many different hats on event production, as well as lots of time on TV, commercials, and movie sets has allowed me to make certain observations around TRUST.

When looking for a creative partner to deliver on your vision, in my opinion, TRUST is everything.

Establishing TRUST and having fantastic collaboration require specific skills and qualities. You must be honest, consistent, competent, respectful, and accountable to establish TRUST. When selecting a creative partner, look for people with a shared vision, complementary skills, good chemistry, and reliability.

Check, Check, And Checkmate!

Creative professionals/filmmakers collaborate on a film set


For all the reasons I listed above, I love working with the folks at Wray Ward Advertising of Charlotte and the Tampa Bay production team led by freelance producer Danielle Galalla. Together, over two years and many jobs, we have developed genuine TRUST and all that goes with it. This team excels at maximizing content assets by doing the work of prepping, shooting, and editing—with every production phase feeding the next.

The production process is full of idioms that sometimes seem trite but make sense when we see them in action. Expressions have true meanings. For example:

  • "We're on a roll" - is a prolonged spell of success.
  • "Nose to the grindstone" - is working hard and consistently striving to improve.
  • "Go beyond"- is when options can be good things, being able to do more good stuff to ensure the work shines.
  • "Make the cut" - that’s because great editing requires choices.
  • "The devil is in the details"- guess what? It is all details. If you don't have a "Plan A," then there is no "Plan B" or "Plan C" that you will definitely need as challenges arise.

In summary, you can build strong relationships, create exceptional work, and achieve more when you have TRUST.

So, if you are planning your next production and want it to be great, reach out and let’s talk. Let me walk you through what you might be missing. TRUST me, please.

And THAT, my friends, is a wrap!

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