5 Careers To Consider In The Warehousing Field

5 Careers To Consider In The Warehousing Field

When working in a warehouse, one can work in a number of fields. In some cases, an employee can sit in front of a computer and do their work. Other times, a staff member can enjoy a more hands-on approach. In fact, you can enjoy a job in a warehouse. Related: 6 Signs You're On The Wrong Career Path Here are the top five careers to consider in the warehousing field:

1. IT Team

Believe it or not, in large warehouses, people work in the IT field. Think about it, large corporations often have warehouses with dozens of employees. To ensure things go smoothly, a corporation will often hire a few systems analysts and support staff to make sure things that errors do not occur. Not only that, when looking to access platforms online, a company will often hire a programmer or two to work in the warehouse.

2. Forklift Driver

When working on a forklift, an employee can make a decent living. Since this requires skills that are hard to learn, a driver can often make well above minimum wage. At the same time, when working in this position, one will enjoy a lot of job security as it is an in-demand and necessary service that people need.

3. Order Fulfillment

A great job in a warehouse is an order fulfillment position. In this job, a person can learn the basics of working in a warehouse. While not a lucrative job, a person will learn how the system works. Then, in the future, a person who works well in the company can learn more and get a higher paying job. Either way, when working in order fulfillment, a staff member can make a decent living and learn a valuable skill.

4. Shipping And Receiving

When working in a large warehouse, a person can work in the shipping and receiving department. This is the perfect hands-on job for an individual who likes to work hard and does not want to sit in front of a monitor all day. Of course, it is still challenging, and a person can learn more about the company.

5. Security

A large warehouse will need a lot of security. In fact, in some areas, employees will need to work 24/7 to watch the building. For this reason, a person who wants to learn more about security should opt to work as a security officer as this is a great way to start in the industry.

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