Can someone really strive to be happy at work? I mean, after all, it's called work. Is work supposed to deliver happiness to us? I happen to believe work can deliver happiness and you can strive to be happy at work. Entirely possible. I've seen people who are happier at work than anywhere else. And they are perfectly healthy people.

1. Stop Complaining

I think one of the biggest challenge of people being unable to be happy at work is really due to all the complaining. Add to it all the gossips and rumors, it makes a very difficult environment to try to build some joy and happiness in it. I suggest, tough as it may be, avoid complaining. In fact, stop complaining. When you distance yourself from negativity, you will quite naturally be happy at work. Or at least, feel a little happier. Don’t feel the need to complain as if it will resolve the issue. If you need to, discuss the challenge. Then find a way to diffuse it. Otherwise, I suggest you just stop. Resist complaining.

2. Build Affinity

What does this mean? Humans are social animals. We need others to connect. Learn to relate to others not just on the professional end but also on the personal side as well. Who knows? You may share some common interest with your colleagues and work suddenly does not become boring. There are common topics to talk about. Help others when you can. That is a way to build affinity with the others. You will also sense energy within yourself because you are able to contribute beyond your regular work scope. Do not help by expecting others to return a favor though. You will be disappointed when others do not reciprocate. Help because you can and are willing.

3. Look For Connections

Sometimes you may not know it. But you may feel unhappy at work because you do not really know your role within the bigger organization. Look for connections and try to understand your work. Where do you fit in within your company? How do you contribute to the profits of the company? Look for these connections and keep learning new things. When you understand the bigger picture, you will understand your role and hence feel being happy at work.

4. Figure Out What Work Means To You

Work means different things to different people. What does work mean to you? Is it something that puts bread on the table and that’s all? Or do you look to work to fulfill other aspects of your life? Try to understand what your relationship with work is, if you want to feel being happy at work.

5. Know Your Destination

Where do you want to be? How does this contribute to your goals? Give yourself a goal. When you feel unhappy, you can always remind yourself of the bigger goal and how what you are doing now contributes to it. Seeing your goal and how work contributes to it can make you happy at work.

6. Learn To Accept And Manage Disappointments

Learn to accept and manage disappointments with people and with work. Nothing is perfect and situations are always in a flux. Not just at work, but everything else too. So, don’t be too attached to the idea that you should be happy at work. Strive to be happy, but if sometimes that is not possible, learn to accept that it is a fact of life. You can achieve being happy at work. I believe the secret is in understanding your role, your relationship with work, how you relate to people and how willing you are to be nice and stop complaining. Above and beyond that, learn to be accept that disappointments come and go. Photo Credit: Shutterstock