2 Ways People Fail In Job Interviews

Unemployed woman interviews for a job

Most people don’t properly prepare for job interviews. As a result, they usually make one of these two common mistakes in their job interviews, and it costs them the job.

You might think you can get away with doing minimal interview prep in your job search, but hiring managers can tell if you haven't done your research and are struggling to answer questions.

If you're not doing enough interview prep in your job search, you've probably run into one of these two problems during your job interviews...

Lack Of Interview Prep = Saying Too Much Or Too Little

In job interviews, people often make two major mistakes related to the Goldilocks principle: either they provide too little information and clam up or they talk excessively, sounding self-absorbed. To succeed, it's crucial to strike the right balance by following the "Experience + Learn = Grow" approach, which ensures well-structured answers.

It’s very important that you structure your interview answers in a logical format so that you give hiring managers the right amount of information. Behavioral interview questions require more than a simple "yes" or "no" answer. By following the "Experience + Learn = Grow" model for answering behavioral interview questions, you'll effectively answer any question the hiring manager throws your way.

This takes practice, though. And practice is a huge part of proper interview prep. So, do your research on the company, review your resume, and practice your interview answers in a mock interview with a trusted friend or colleague. You'll never fail a job interview by talking too much or too little again.

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