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What is a Company Vibe?

A ‘Company Vibe’ is the working environment an employer creates for its employees. Using five major attributes, all employers can be evaluated to determine their Company Vibe as follows:

Attire Meetings Processes Positions Workplace
Polished Business Formal Consistent Power Classy
Hipster Expressive Laid-back Loose Creative Original
Techie Casual Brainstorm Linear Tech Collaborative
Classic Practical Mandatory Procedural Hands-on Functional

Companies usually have a predominant Company Vibe.
Sometimes, they may be a combination of two. To learn more, check out the characteristics of each Company Vibe below and ask yourself, “Which one best describes my current employer?”


  • Employees dress for success.
  • Meetings are scheduled and follow company guideline for effectiveness.
  • Employees are rewarded for playing by the rules.
  • A focus on climbing the ladder is respected.
  • The office displays the company’s sophistication and accomplishments.


  • Employees dress to impress themselves.
  • Meetings have a coffee break, fun vibe.
  • Employees actively look to disrupt process.
  • Being collaborative and creative earns trust.
  • Office is designed to be an extension of the company’s personality.


  • Employees dress for comfort.
  • Meetings are fast-paced and filled with ideas and intensity.
  • Employees use process to be more efficient.
  • Upskilling and speed drive gain recognition.
  • Work spaces are open-concept and promote collaboration.


  • Employees dress for safety and uniformity.
  • Meetings are a regular way to stay informed.
  • Employees follow process designed to maintain consistency.
  • Multi-tasking and specialization ensure job security.
  • No-frills workplace where you can get your hands dirty.

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